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AHVAlters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung (Social Insurance, Suisse)
AHVAcropolis Hypervisor (Nutanix)
AHVAmerican High Voltage (Elko, NV)
AHVAmerican Health Value (health savings accounts)
AHVAltos Hornos de Vizcaya, SA
AHVAd Hanc Vocem (at this word)
AHVAscension Health Ventures LLC (est. 2001; St. Louis, MO)
AHVAgence de l'Hotel de Ville (French real estate agency)
AHVArchers de Haute Vilaine (French archery association)
AHVAssociation Herpétologique du Var (French herpetological association)
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In addition to being available to users on AWS and Azure, Xi Frame is now also available to customers worldwide for Nutanix private cloud deployments using AHV. Customers can provision 1000s of virtual desktops in minutes, as opposed to weeks, enabling them to improve the economics, speed and scale of desktop delivery.
The combination of HPE GreenLake and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software is ideal for customers who want to use Nutanix, including its AHV hypervisor technology, to support a range of use cases.
"For a 100-unit community, it is not uncommon to have 100 to 200 leads before the first house is built," says Mark Wolf, Founder and CEO of AHV. "We are selling what people don't have access to."
Also by selecting the Nutanix AHV hypervisor, the telecom firm is able to significantly reduce the licensing cost for virtualisation, as it comes free-of-charge with the deployment.
Also by selecting the Nutanix AHV hypervisor, Zain is able to significantly reduce the licensing cost for virtualisation, as it comes free of charge with the deployment.
Air-breathing hypersonic vehicle (AHV) is a new type of aircraft flying in the near space at a speed of more than Mach 5.
The [(ahv).sub.1/2] vs (hv) spectra were obtained from the corresponding diffuse reflectance spectra by means of the Kubelka-Munk function [26].
The relative disk-vertebral index (R.I), respectively the disk height-body height ratio (Brandner, 1970; Amonoo-Koufi, 1985, 1991; Aydinlioglu et al., 1999), adds to the disk-vertebral angle degree attempting to complete as precisely as possible the image of dimensional ratios between the body and the disk and obtaining the ratio between the sum of intervertebral disk heights (AHIVD and PHIVD) and the sum of corresponding vertebral bodies heights (AHV + PHV).
The value of Eg is found to be around 3.50 eV by the straight line portion of (ahv)2 = 0 axis; (see Figure 5).