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AHVAlters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung (Social Insurance, Suisse)
AHVAmerican High Voltage (Elko, NV)
AHVAmerican Health Value (health savings accounts)
AHVAltos Hornos de Vizcaya, SA
AHVAd Hanc Vocem (at this word)
AHVAscension Health Ventures LLC (est. 2001; St. Louis, MO)
AHVAgence de l'Hotel de Ville (French real estate agency)
AHVArchers de Haute Vilaine (French archery association)
AHVAssociation Herpétologique du Var (French herpetological association)
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Legends Way at Onion Creek is the first residential community to be made available by AHV Homes in Austin, TX.
RENTAL HUB: By adding short-term property management to our services, AHV has grown from six personal properties to 15 properties all near one another in Girdwood, close to the ski area.
The index offers a good way of evaluating the market performance of data centres," commented Andrew Harrington, partner at AHV.
We are pleased and grateful to have AHV leading our Series B financing, as well as the ongoing commitment of our current investors," said Dave Van Meter, President and CEO of Ivantis.
The smaller the AHV, the better the replication quality is (closer the polymer parts resemble the mold).
In the case of Switzerland's three-pillar pension system, the first-pillar AHV (the national old age and survivors' insurance) relies on contributions from the working population, which the government then immediately redistributes--along with a state supplement--to the current retired population.
Tenders are invited for Engaging 1 No private driver on work contract basis for driving of departmental vehicle Lorry AHV 5638 of ADE/Lines/Simhachalam in Lines Sub division, Simhachalam for a period of 7 months from 1.
As previously announced, the Company's Board of Directors has approved a $20,000,000 capital budget for fiscal 2012 which has been used, in part, to purchase twelve new INOVA AHV 364 vibrator energy source units and additional geophones.
The capital expenditures for fiscal 2011 included the purchase of 2,000 OYO GSR four-channel units complete with three component geophones, 25,850 OYO GSR single-channel units, additional geophones, ten INOVA AHV IV 364 vibrator energy sources units and maintenance capital requirements.
LONDON -- Data Centre News, the newsletter tracking data centre investment and expansion, new build, M&A activity, and market developments has announced that in partnership with AHV Associates LLP, a corporate finance advisor based in London, a new market index will be launched and included in each monthly edition.
In a new feature, new Data Centre build projects will showcase some of the newest developments planned and underway, and an Investment panel with contributions from RBC Capital Markets, Citigroup and AHV Associates will discuss their perspectives of Data Centre stocks, willingness to fund new build, risks to growth and future trends.
Walter Lin of AHV has joined Sonoma's board of directors.