AHVSAdvanced Helmet Vision System (US Navy)
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The incidence of detection of AHV using MRI or CT has been reported (Ng et al., 1990; Cha et al.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the incidence of AHV using MDCT, classify the morphologies, and investigate the factors that may help predict the presence of an AHV by examining the relationship between the presence of an AHV and the diameters of the right hepatic vein (RHV) and middle hepatic vein (MHV).
Patients with liver cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma were excluded because of concern that the liver parenchyma surrounding the AHV might be distorted.
We evaluated all of the patients for the presence of an AHV. If an AHV was present, we measured the largest diameter near the AHV-caval confluence.
To guarantee the robustness with respect to parametric uncertainties, an adaptive sliding mode controller is addressed for an AHV [8, 9].
That is, it requires that the AHV model has to be linear in the control inputs.
The control goal pursued in this study is to devise adaptive neural controllers for an AHV without using affine modes such that velocity V and altitude h track their reference trajectories [V.sub.ref] and [h.sub.ref], respectively.
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In both situations, the actuator deflection angles are quite big, which shows the inherent character of low aerodynamic efficiencies for an AHV's actuation surfaces.
The simulation results shown above verify the effectiveness of input delay compensation controller for an AHV attitude tracking control.
All the actuator deflection results in Figures 12 and 16 indicate that the control method used here can make the AHV's attitude tracking realized without reaching the deflecting constraint of 30 degrees.