AHXRAcute Humoral Xenograft Rejection
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Abbreviations APC: Antigen-presenting cells AHXR: Acute humoral xenograft rejection Gal: Gal a(1,3) Gal GTKO: a1,3-Galactosyltransferase gene knockout LFA: Lymphocyte function-associated antigen mAb: Monoclonal antibody MHC: Major histocompatibility complex.
When kidneys from GGTA1 deficient pigs are transplanted into baboons, graft rejection increases 4 to 83 d by AHXR (Chen et al., 2005; Yamada et al., 2005).
However, they also indicated that all GalT-KO heart grafts underwent graft failure with AHXR and/or chronic rejection.