AHZAutomobil Handels Zentrum GmbH (German: Motor Trade Center; German Toyota partner)
AHZAcute Herpes Zoster
AHZAkademii Handlu Zagranicznego (Polish: Academy of International Trade; Lviv, Ukraine)
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Shingles or AHZ is clinically manifested as a rash or vesicular eruption, occurring in a band or cluster or along a single spinal nerve root (Gharibo & Kim, 2011).
0-5 Ahz 7.5YR5/4 75.2 21.6 3.2 5-11 Cz 10YR7/2 69.8 25.9 4.3 11-17 C 10YR6/4 79.5 17.8 3.1 17-26 Bl1 7.5YR5/8 83.6 10.7 6.1 26-34 Bl2 Mottled 78.9 12.2 8.8 34-70 Bhr 7.5YR2/1 64.3 11.0 24.7 Low terrace (P4),Haplic Gleysol (thionic), 14[degrees] 04'19.4" N, 16[degrees] 10'59.2" W, altitude 1.15 m a.s.l.
It is well known that Dade's projective conjecture implies the conjecture (AHZ), see [Da, p.97].
Edat: atf-i tefsir: nahivde bir kelimenin mucerred matuf-i ileyhin manasini tefsir ve izah icin muteradife atf olunmasi ve bu suretle atf olunan kelime, yani matuf: katl ve idam, ahz u kerfet gibi: Semseddin Sami, Kamus-i Turki, Dersaadet: Ikdam Matbaasi 1901.
(17) AHZ, ano1864, tomo 6, legajo 5 y tomo 15, legajo 12.
In 2007, the Marines plan to acquire 18 AHZ Super Cobra attack helicopters and UH-1Y Huey utility helicopters to replace Vietnam-era generations of the same two aircraft, which currently are flying close air support and transporting troops and supplies in Iraq.
In particular they are interested in a red Opel Astra with the Northern Irish registration AHZ 5912 and a navy blue Ford Mondeo Sedan registration 07 D 8652.