AI2American Idol Season 2 (TV show)
AI2Advanced Image Intensification
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Along with academics, AI2 encourages preeminent AI research teams in the private sector to test their systems against this challenge.
IBM has announced that Watson is "going to college" and "diagnosing patients," said Oren Etzioni, CEO of AI2.
Project Aristo, one of the flagship projects of AI2, is actively working on understanding and answering science questions.
Holders of the Company's Ordinary shares are entitled to one vote for every AI2 of nominal capital held.
The AI2 is focused on solving issues of scale and brittleness that have traditionally limited progress in artificial intelligence.
Louis Zabaleta says, "We are all very pleased to see the organizational aspects of AI2 to be functioning as it will serve as the template for all future clients, thus enabling the company to enroll new customers in a more accelerated and secure method.