AI3Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives
AI3American Idol Season 3 (TV show)
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Measurement is performed from AI0, AI1, AI2, AI3 nodes, and the data between the host PC of the WSN network and the WSN nodes are transmitted and received.
An AI3 missile also destroyed an unmanned aerial system.
The low cost AI3 missile uses a semiactive millimetre-wave homing seeker (a scaled down version of the MFRFS radar itself), a high-explosive warhead supplied by ATK while the rocket motor is borrowed from the AIM-9M air-to-air missile.
Retrieved December 23, 2010, from AI3: Adaptive Information, Adaptive Innovation, Adaptive Infrastructure web site http://www.mkbergman.
The committee retained Ai3 Architects from Wayland to study the feasibility and suitability of properties suggested for the regional school; however, the state building authority wants a more comprehensive study done.
He experiences a hundred deaths and a hundred births (AI2) and endures hundreds upon hundreds of evils (AI3).
Princeton Graphics Systems' Ai3.2HD is a 32" viewable, flatscreen 4:3 multiscan CRT, NTSCTV/computer monitor with integrated Ch.1 interactive services for enhanced TV and Internet functionality.