AI3Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives
AI3American Idol Season 3 (TV show)
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The AI3 first flies under MFRFS radar control via an RF data-link, then switches to its own seeker when within target range.
While the AI3 warhead and seeker should satisfy the IFPC Inc 2-I requirements, Raytheon is already working on the range issue; the current missile has a semi-hemispherical radome, the lower cost and easier solution for calibrating the seeker, however a new ogive radome representing a good compromise between cost and performances has already been developed, which should double the missile range thanks to its better aerodynamic characteristics.
The DS10 score tends to compensate the low AI3 score; poor maintenance means more problems to manage.
07 AI3 Acquire and Maintain Technology Infrastructure 2.
Raytheon's AI3 missile is breaking new ground with its destruction of these challenging targets that are real threats to today's warfighter," said Dr.
Earlier this year, in preparation for the Black Dart event, AI3 missiles destroyed a 240 mm rocket and a UAS at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona.
Along with an outstanding live-fire performance, AI3 met affordability goals by leveraging existing government equipment, incorporating design-to-cost initiatives and integrating into current command and control systems.
Defeating a UAS demonstrates the AI3 system has capabilities beyond its original requirements and can defeat a variety of threats to our warfighters today," said Steve Bennett, Raytheon Missile Systems' AI3 program director.
The AI3 Battle Element system includes: a Raytheon Ku Radio Frequency System (KRFS) Fire Control Radar, an Avenger-based AI3 launcher, a C-RAM command and control, Technical Fire Control, and the Raytheon AI3 interceptor missile.
The AI3 Battle Element system consists of the Raytheon AI3 missile and Ku Band Radio Frequency System fire control radar, Avenger AI3 launcher with modified technical fire control, and command and control node.
With the completion of the CTV flights, the AI3 program remains on schedule," said Raytheon Missile Systems' Steve Bennett, AI3 program director.
Featuring a wide video bandwidth of 40 MHz and dual auto-detect Y, Pb, Pr to RGB transcoder matrices for 480p and HDTV, the data/video AI3.