AIABAssociazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica (Italian: Italian Association of Agricultural Biology; Rome, Italy)
AIABAmiga In A Box
AIABAssociate of the International Association of Bookkeepers (UK)
AIABAbreast in A Boat
AIABAerospace Industries Association of Brazil (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
AIABArcade in A Box
AIABAll Iowa AIDS Benefit
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The does were housed individually in wire cages (810 x 60 x 33 cm) with plastic slat floor according to the directives of EC Regulation 1804/1999 and the AIAB (2012).
Associazione Italiana per l'Agricoltura Biologica--Disciplinare garanzia AIAB Italia (http://www.
AIAB DC Systems is a Swedish distributor for the German DC power supply systems maker Convertronic GmbH, acquired by Eltek earlier this year.
Following the acquisition, AIAB DC Systems AB will become the regional competence centre for system design and manufacturing of Convertronic's product portfolio in the Nordic countries, the Baltic region, Russia and the former CIS countries," Eltek added.