AIADAcademic Individual Advanced Development (US Army)
AIADAdvanced Individual Academic Development (US Military Academy)
AIADAssociazione Italiana Amatori Dobermann (Italian: Italian Association of Amateur Dobermann)
AIADAdditive Increase Additive Decrease (wireless networks)
AIADAcronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations Dictionary
AIADAccountable Inventory Adjustment Document
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Comparando los resultados de superficie en el AIAD (59,22 [+ o -]3,24) y en el AIAC (67,50[+ o -]6,14) se encontraron diferencias estadisticamente significativas (p<0,05) de forma que al ir calzado aumento la superficie de apoyo en el antepie.
Out of the 480,000 entries in the AIAD, it often seems as if 479,999 of them are for real estate terms in NYC.
The AIAD, Capstone Design and faculty research continue to foster good industry relationships, and support the needs of the Army, cadet education and our evolving robotics program in terms of relevant focus and outreach.
The excellence of the Italian defence industry will be showcased at Dimdex 2018, with top-level Italian companies: AIAD, Benelli Armi Spa, Beretta, Elettronica, Fincantieri, Gem, Intermarine, Leonardo e MBDA," the envoy said.