AIAGAutomotive Industry Action Group
AIAGAvian Influenza Action Group (US Department of State)
AIAGAnimal Industries Advisory Group
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Based on these Guiding Principles, AIAG enhanced its working conditions and business ethics workshops and developed new e-tools that are accessible to suppliers wherever they are," explains Mary Ellen Bridges, purchasing manager, Ford Motor Company.
While DaimlerChrysler has already expressed its commitment to rollout of the language in the near future, Yunas says AIAG is working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST; www.
The AIAG MSA Handbook offers these guidelines for acceptance of gauge R&R as a percentage:
Rosekind's participation in this year's Quality Summit reaffirms the focus that AIAG and the industry are putting on designing in and building in quality and safety for our new products," says AIAG director of quality programs, Scott Gray.
This is a great opportunity for AIAG to complete its supply chain portfolio and collaborate with STTAS, the world's leading expert in customs and all things related to importing and exporting," says Joel Karczewski, AIAG's vice president of commercial services.
The Corporate Outstanding Achievement Award cites QAD's significant contributions to the development of industry technology standards; its role as a major sponsor of AutoTech, the AIAG's annual conference; its contributions to Actionline, the AIAG magazine; efforts to increase participation and membership in AIAG; and work on its committees.
Dana's involvement with AIAG is a win-win scenario, as we work with our customers, industry peers, and the automotive supply base as a whole to improve safety, quality, and efficiency," said Kneisler.
QAD is a leading contributor to the IV&I solution set and is continuing to collaborate with AIAG member companies on business process and technology standards to further enrich the basic communication profiles developed to support interoperability.
Kneisler, who joined the AIAG board in 2006 and served as vice chairman for the past four years, says Dana has remained active in AIAG because the organization provides a unique forum for an open dialogue regarding industry challenges and opportunities, as well as the ability to work collaboratively to establish and disseminate industry best practices.
Ever since the passing of the Dodd-Frank law in July 2010, AIAG has been collaborating with its members and their supply chain partners to create viable industry solutions to meet the new reporting requirements," says Bolden.