AIALAustralian Institute of Administrative Law (est. 1989)
AIALAuckland International Airport Ltd (Auckland, New Zealand)
AIALAsia Information Associates Limited (Hong Kong)
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Standard & Poor's placed AIAL on CreditWatch with negative implications as a result of the announcement in the New Zealand budget handed down on May 14, 1998, of the government's intention to sell its majority 51.
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According to AIAL general manager aeronautical commercial Glenn Wedlock, the tie-up delivered a key opportunity to capitalize on the growth from the buoyant China market.
Under the merger implementation agreement, the AIAL board is not restricted from considering competing proposals from other parties and making a recommendation to shareholders if it believes another proposal would provide a better outcome for shareholders.
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AIAL Chief Executive Don Huse says the regional airline gate development raises the standard of facilities for those flying on smaller aircraft to and from regional destinations.
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Initially the New Zealand Government held 50% of the shares in AIAL and the region's city councils owned the balance.
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