AIAMAssociation of International Automobile Manufacturers
AIAMAmerican Institute of Alternative Medicine (est. 1994; Columbus, OH)
AIAMAssociation of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (India)
AIAMAssociazione Italiana Acquario Mediterraneo (Italian: Italian Mediterranean Aquarium Association)
AIAMAssociate in Insurance Account Management (degree)
AIAMAlliance of International Automobile Manufacturers (Vermont and Rhode Island)
AIAMAssociation Internationale des Amis du Musée (French: International Association of Friends of the Museum)
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Prior to joining AIAM, Fry held senior positions with the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, the American Chemistry Council, the Aluminum Association and the Edison Electric Institute.
Distracted driving is a major concern and AIAM supports restrictions on the use of hand-held electronic devices for phone calls and text messaging by drivers while operating motor vehicles.
AIAM allows us to showcase the substantial contributions of the international companies to the overall health of the U.
While AIAM supports the ability of consumers to have their vehicles repaired at the places of their choice, AIAM told Oklahoma state legislators in a letter released today that the bill was unnecessary, counterproductive and did not adequately protect the intellectual property of automakers.
MacCarthy, formerly Vice President, Government Affairs for Nissan North America and a longtime executive with the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association, was named President and Chief Executive Officer of AIAM.
In California, AIAM members directly employ 19,000 people and operate 67 separate facilities, including two manufacturing facilities, eight headquarters offices, eighteen R&D centers, and six financial service operations.
Greater fuel efficiency must be a central tenet of America's energy goals," said Tim MacCarthy, President and CEO of AIAM.
The AIAM represents 13 international automakers who sell cars in the US, including Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, and Subaru.
50) AIAM Comments, supra note 49; "Attorney Seeks Clarity in Manufacturing Deduction Guidance," 2005 TNT 67-13 (March 31, 2005) (comments of Alston & Bird LLP).
Dawn Korzen, LUTCF, AIP, AIAM, is an instructor with the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.
The Association, formerly known as AIAM, serves as the voice of international automobile manufacturers in the United States.