AIAMAway in a Manger (song)
AIAMAssociation of International Automobile Manufacturers
AIAMAmerican Institute of Alternative Medicine (est. 1994; Columbus, OH)
AIAMAssistant Information Assurance Manager (US Navy)
AIAMAssociation of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (India)
AIAMAssociazione Italiana Acquario Mediterraneo (Italian: Italian Mediterranean Aquarium Association)
AIAMAssociate in Insurance Account Management (degree)
AIAMAlliance of International Automobile Manufacturers (Vermont and Rhode Island)
AIAMAssociation Internationale des Amis du Musée (French: International Association of Friends of the Museum)
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Although Mr Stanton cited the flex-fuel requirement as a concern, neither AAM nor AIAM have taken official positions for or against the overall legislation.
53) "Electric Industry Group Comments on Domestic Production Incentive," 2005 TNT 49-34 (March 15, 2005) (comments of the Edison Electric Institute); "Grant Thornton Comments on Domestic Production Activities Deduction," 2005 TNT 70-28 (April 1, 2005); AIAM Comments, supra note 49; AICPA Comments, supra note 51; PwC Comments, supra note 52.
54) AIAM Comments, supra note 49; "Attorney Seeks Clarification of Guidance on Domestic Production Activities Deduction," 2005 TNT 65-14 (April 6, 2005) (comments of Hogan & Hartson LLP).
In advance of federal regulations to require ESC, AIAM member companies offer more than 150 models with this technology.
Distracted driving is a major concern and AIAM supports restrictions on the use of hand-held electronic devices for phone calls and text messaging by drivers while operating motor vehicles.
AIAM members worked closely with California lawmakers, industry organizations, municipal water agencies and environmental groups on SB 346 to find an approach to brake pad reformulation that protects the environment without compromising public safety.
AIAM member companies have steadily increased their investment in the U.
AIAM is taking the fast lane, refocusing and revitalizing our role in the auto industry," said Tim MacCarthy, the new AIAM President.
MacCarthy, formerly Vice President, Government Affairs for Nissan North America and a longtime executive with the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association, was named President and Chief Executive Officer of AIAM.
AIams mixed with butchers, also several pairs of shoes, a Dyson hoover plug.