AIANAmerican Indian and Alaska Native
AIANAustralian Independent Artists Network (music community)
AIANAccess International Academy Ningbo (Zhejiang, China)
AIANAtlanta Interfaith AIDS Network (Atlanta, GA)
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The project aims to meet three goals: Increase access to dental care; increase the use of dental sealants (to protect teeth and gums); and, increase the use of topical fluoride among the CA AIAN population.
2015) evaluate the extent of misclassification of AIAN patients in Oregon and Washington hospital discharge data by linking these data to the Northwest Tribal Registry.
1 percent of people who indicated AIAN indicated one race (see Table 4).
There is also particular concern for AIAN because their rates of influenza hospitalizations and deaths in the past have been higher than in other races.
Our dedicated staff, particularly the ones that engage with AIAN youths, are the reason this kind of program has a great chance of being successful.
by including non-white, non-black patients (including persons of Hispanic ethnicity and Asian, Pacific Islander, and AIAN races) as well as patients residing in less urbanized areas of the United States.
The algorithm was most sensitive for White, but extremely insensitive in identifying AIAN or Multi-racial individuals, with sensitivities among all categories converging at higher cutoffs.
AIAN MURRAY has promoted young Dumbarton defender Joe Coleman from the Under-17s to his first-team pool.
Live on SS2 AIAN MURRAY knows it might take a long time to fully eradicate the painful memories of last season's crushing 5-1 Scottish Cup Final loss at the hands of Hearts.
Census Bureau, about American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN), their tribal affiliations, and the populations of AIAN reservations and villages.
In contrast, gender gaps for AIAN and multiracial respondents tend to be wider than for non-Hispanic whites.
These analyses were conducted for Hispanics, Asians, NHOPI, and AIAN, using an inclusive criterion for membership in each group comprising all who checked that category alone or in combination with other categories.