AIANAmerican Indian and Alaska Native
AIANAustralian Independent Artists Network (music community)
AIANAccess International Academy Ningbo (Zhejiang, China)
AIANAtlanta Interfaith AIDS Network (Atlanta, GA)
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After adjusting for covariates, there remained substantial racial disparities in residential Internet in the Medicaid/CHIP population, particularly for Non-Hispanic blacks, non-Hispanic AIANs and Hispanics.
The project aims to meet three goals: Increase access to dental care; increase the use of dental sealants (to protect teeth and gums); and, increase the use of topical fluoride among the CA AIAN population.
4 percent increase of the AIAN population between the 1990 and 2000 census.
Chapter 5 draws on statistical data to paint a bleak picture of morbidity and mortality among Native peoples, especially women, and points out that "the inclusion of suicide and homicide among the leading causes of death for AIANs also signals a culture of hopelessness that engulfs the lives of many Native Americans" (p.
In 1997, these disparities remained and the gaps included lower DTP rates between AlAN (92%) and non-Hispanic Whites (97%); coverage for 3 doses of poliovirus vaccine were different among Asian/Pacific Islanders (API) (88%) and non-Hispanic Whites (92%); the rates for HIB were AIAN (87%) and non-Hispanic Whites (94%); 88% of Hispanics were vaccinated with HIB compared to 92% of non-Hispanic Whites (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1998).
Among the racial/ethnic groups, AIAN young adult drinkers had the youngest average age of drinking onset (15.
Relative to the Current Population Survey (CPS), black and AAPI men and women in the USPS were fully represented, while Hispanic and AIAN men and women and white women were underrepresented in the USPS workforce.
CRIHB) will create a comprehensive and culturally adapted campaign to increase awareness of the availability of the H1N1 influenza vaccine to AIAN across the state.
4m grant through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration to implement a Capacity Building Initiative for Substance Abuse (SA), HIV and Viral Hepatitis (VH) Prevention Services for At-Risk AIAN Youth and Young Adults.
In both cohorts, the American Indian/ Alaska Native (AIAN) patients have the worst underreporting problem, as demonstrated by very poor specificity (only 10-30 percent of AIAN patients were coded as AIAN in the hospital data).
Although the vast majority of AIAN youth, 93 percent, attend public schools, the remaining 7 percent go to BIE schools.
Within the AIAN population, youth tend to initiate substance use at a younger age, to continue use after initial experimentation, and to have higher rates of poly-substance use (Beauvais, 1992; U.