AIAQAssured Indoor Air Quality (Dallas, TX)
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Specifically, the IAQ assessed reported likelihood of engaging in a variety of internet activities when online, the AIAQ assessed reported likelihood of engaging in those same activities during online drinking, and the AICQ assessed whether a variety of consequences had ever occurred as a result of online drinking.
Correlation analyses were run to determine if SAD scores were associated with a greater likelihood of drinking during particular types of online activities as reported on the AIAQ. Results indicated that SAD scores were not significantly associated with likelihood of involvement in most types of online activities while drinking.
TABLE 3 Internal Consistency and Concurrent Validity of New Measures Cronbach's Correlation with Measures Alpha Measures Internet Use Questionnaire Not --online frequency assessed IAT (r = .15 *) --weekly hrs online IAT (r = .30 ***) IAQ .63 IAT (r = .42 ***) AIAQ .66 AUDIT (r = .26 ***), IAT (r = .31 ***) AICQ .77 AUDIT (r = .34 ***), IAT (r = .41 ***) Note: Other than Internet Use Questionnaire, analyses above were based on total scores for the measures.