AIARAmsterdam Institute for Addiction Research (Netherlands)
AIARAlbright Institute of Archaeological Research
AIARAspirin-Intolerant Asthma/Rhinitis (medical condition)
AIARAmerican Institute of Aerological Research
AIARAntigen-Induced Arthritis in the Rabbit (rheumatology)
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Poster presentado en Convengo Nazionale AiAr. Associazione Italiana di Archeometria, Metodologie Scientifiche per i Beni Culturali, Pisa.
Participants in the early workshops included James Gwero (Ambae), Jeffrey Uli Boe (Maewo), Eli Field (Banks), Richard Leona (Pentecost), Graeme Tor (Pentecost), the late Chief Willie Taso (Ambrym), Alben Reuben (Malakula), Longdal Nobel (Malakula), Aiar Rantes (Malakula), the late Aviu Koli (Epi), Michael Matoa (Efate), Sempet Naritantop (Erromango), Jerry Taki (Erromango), James Nobwat (Erromango) and Philip Tepahae (Aneityum).
For example, in 1994 Aiar Rantes, a fieldworker from south-west Malakula, cleared and largely reconstructed the former mountain village in which his parents lived before becoming Christian and moving down to the coast at Wintua.