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AIASAmerican Institute of Architecture Students
AIASAmsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (Netherlands)
AIASAcademy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
AIASAssociazione Italiana Assistenza Spastici
AIASAmerican International Assistance Service
AIASAmerican Institute of Applied Science
AIASAssociazione Italiana Addetti Sicurezza
AIASAssociazione Italiana Amatori delle piante Succulente (Italian)
AIASAutomatic Incident Actuation System
AIASAircraft Inertial Alignment System
AIASAirborne Integrated Antenna System
AIASAssociation Internationale Albert Schweitzer
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The "Aethiopis" thus included the coming of the Amazon Penthesilea to help the Trojans after the fall of Hector and her death, the similar arrival and fall of the Aethiopian Memnon, the death of Achilles under the arrow of Paris, and the dispute between Odysseus and Aias for the arms of Achilles.
His work included the adjudgment of the arms of Achilles to Odysseus, the madness of Aias, the bringing of Philoctetes from Lemnos and his cure, the coming to the war of Neoptolemus who slays Eurypylus, son of Telephus, the making of the wooden horse, the spying of Odysseus and his theft, along with Diomedes, of the Palladium: the analysis concludes with the admission of the wooden horse into Troy by the Trojans.
"Exploring our concrete pipe as a tool to fight homelessness and overpopulation alongside the AIAS has already proven to be a viable prospect," said Tom Hartley, vice president of Sales & Marketing for Rinker Materials.
AIAS encourages its members to consider including other disciplines at each university to allow them to collaborate with students in business, communications or engineering disciplines to come up with a truly innovative pitch.
The rating reflects AIAS's well-anchored cargo position and air service monopoly, supported by a modestly sized traffic base, conservative debt structure, and a stable financial profile.
Luciano, "Indagine sperimentale e numerica sulla resistenza a taglio di travi di calcestruzzo armate con barre di GFRP," in Proceedings of XXXVIII Convegno Nazionale AIAS, Turin, Italy, September 2009.
The pooled AIA data for studies in patients with T2DM (EDITION 2 and EDITION 3) showed that at BL 41.6% in the Glar-300 group and 37.7% in the Glar-100 group were positive for AIAs.
Upon accrual of 1,000 flight hours, AEAs will be eligible to apply to the air interdiction agent (AIA) occupation.
A century later the St Louis AIA branch contravened that agreement.
TABELA 2: Acumulo de nitrogenio (N), fosforo (P), potassio (K), calcio (Ca) e magnesio (Mg) na parte aerea aas muaas ae Mezilaurus itauba em funcao ao tamanho ae recipientes, apos 90 aias ae cultivo em viveiro.
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