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AIATAssessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (Indonesia)
AIATApple Information Access Toolkit (MacOS developer tools for content indexing/searching)
AIATAutomobile Insurance Agents of Texas (Austin, TX)
AIATAuroville Institute of Applied Technology (India)
AIATAssociazione Italiana Aquiloni da Trazione
AIATAutomatic Initiate, Automatic Track
AIATAssociate of the Institute of Asphalt Technology (UK)
AIATAutomatic Image Analysis Technology (ophthalmology)
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The AIA and AIAT groups presented increase in hind paw volume compared to C group (p< 0.05).
There was a decrease in the final body weight in the animals of groups AIA and AIAT compared to group C (p < 0.05).
Weight increase was observed on the left adrenal gland, right adrenal gland, right and left popliteus ganglia in AIA and AIAT groups compared to the C group (p < 0.05) (Table 1).
Recent studies have shown the promise of studying the properties of AIAT. For example, Rerosa Federico, Favoino Elvira, Antonietta have reported that murine anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies 16D7 are able to recognize HP2/6 paratope of monoclonal antibodies (moAbs) against synthetic human CD4 molecules.
Scientists have reported about the processing of the vaccine on the basis of AIAT against plague and AIAT against the Marek's disease virus [5,6].
have developed an Immunosorbent Assay with [(Fab).sub.2] fragment of AIAT for the diagnosis of paroxysmal schizophrenia [7].
To understand the enzyme activities related to the protein metabolism, an attempt has been made to analyze the enzymes such as Alanine Amino Transferase (AIAT), Aspartate Amino Transferase (AAT) and Glutamate Dehydrogenase (GDH) in silkgland, bodywall and intestine of silkwarm larvae, treated with dexamethasone over control.
Since AIAT activity was elevated maximum in all the tissues on treatment with dexamethasone, anticipate the possibility of mobilization of alanine into carbohydrate synthesis, which might support the reported increase of carbohydrates in the tissues on treatment with dexamethasone.
E.Mail: Table--1 : Consolidated table showing the levels of Total proteins, Soluble Proteins, Structural Proteins, AIAT, AAT, and GDH in the Silkgland of control of experimental V instar larvae.
The AIATS letter addressed to BCAS states, "Private independent ground handling service providers are not permitted to undertake ground handling at joint user defence airports.
This needs examination in view of the ground handling policy for defence airports." AIATS has also complained of a large amount of unmarked ground handling equipment on the airport's premises under AAI's control.
The AIATS complaint also expressed fears of some private ground handlers like Cambata Aviation looking for a back- door entry into the airport.