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AIATAssessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (Indonesia)
AIATApple Information Access Toolkit (MacOS developer tools for content indexing/searching)
AIATAutomobile Insurance Agents of Texas (Austin, TX)
AIATAuroville Institute of Applied Technology (India)
AIATAssociazione Italiana Aquiloni da Trazione
AIATAutomatic Initiate, Automatic Track
AIATAutomatic Image Analysis Technology (ophthalmology)
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Since AIAT activity was elevated maximum in all the tissues on treatment with dexamethasone, anticipate the possibility of mobilization of alanine into carbohydrate synthesis, which might support the reported increase of carbohydrates in the tissues on treatment with dexamethasone.
According to James Dickey, Marketing Vice President for Old American, "We are truly pleased to make this significant announcement at the AIAT convention.
PCR primers and melting curve probes used in the AIAT genotyping assay.