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AIATAssessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (Indonesia)
AIATApple Information Access Toolkit (MacOS developer tools for content indexing/searching)
AIATAutomobile Insurance Agents of Texas (Austin, TX)
AIATAuroville Institute of Applied Technology (India)
AIATAssociazione Italiana Aquiloni da Trazione
AIATAutomatic Initiate, Automatic Track
AIATAutomatic Image Analysis Technology (ophthalmology)
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2] fragment of AIAT for the diagnosis of paroxysmal schizophrenia [7].
Many researchers note the effectiveness of AIAT for the study of the mechanisms applied to regulate the immune response to vaccines and diagnostic products for various diseases.
We have used BALB/c mice, a hybrid strain 2G9+an agent producing monoclonal AIAT against immunoglobulins specific for the lipopolysaccharide antigen of Brucella.
Immunochemical properties of monoclonal AIAT were determined by the method of immunoblotting and indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).
Test AIAT were separated in 12% PAGE in the presence of SDS, followed by transfer of the separated proteins by the blotting method from the gel onto a nitrocellulose membrane.
After controlling biological properties of hybrid cells we determined the presence of active AIAT in the culture fluid (CF).
AIATS has also complained of a large amount of unmarked ground handling equipment on the airport's premises under AAI's control.
The AIATS complaint also expressed fears of some private ground handlers like Cambata Aviation looking for a back- door entry into the airport.