AIAWAssociation for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
AIAWAmerican Institute of Architects Wisconsin (American Institute of Architects)
AIAWAssociation of Iranian American Writers
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Therefore AIAW? and ICWP provide important records of feminist praxis on a local and quotidian scale and offer a map of feminism's breadth from a geographically marginalized perspective.
1980 - The Utah State Aggies Softball team wins the AIAW national championship
She has been President of AIAW, NAGWS, Women Sport International and a Trustee of the Women's Sports Foundation as well as presently serving on the Advisory Board of Beyond Sport.
She also deftly portrays the sad saga of how the male-run National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) overpowered the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW), led by the women's PE establishment, to become the governing body for women's college sports.
Body type and composition differences between placers and nonplacers in an AIAW gymnastics meet.
The Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) held its first women's collegiate basketball championship.
TVS also airs WFL Football, NASL Soccer, LPBT Bowling, Major League Volleyball, Major College Basketball, Major College Football Bowl Games, AIAW Championships, Championship Boxing, WCT Tennis, LPGA and Senior PGA Golf.
She finished her career in 1978 by winning the Illinois State Collegiate title, taking second in the Big Ten, and qualifying for her second AIAW Nationals by winning the title in the Midwest Regional.
Karen Marshall earned AIAW all-American status in 1975 and 1976.
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She graduated in 1979, a year before the Lancers won the AIAW Division 3 championship.
However, from the early efforts of female physical education instructors and the women of the AIAW, women are still fighting some of the same stereotypes, myths, and issues that their foremothers faced.