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AIBAAssociation Internationale de Boxe Amateur (International Boxing Association)
AIBAAll India Biotech Association (est. 1994)
AIBAAustin Independent Business Alliance (est. 2002; Texas)
AIBAAssociazione Italiana Brokers Di Assicurazione (Italian Insurance Brokers' Association)
AIBAAll India Bar Association (New Delhi, India)
AIBAAgriculture Information Bank for Asia (Philippines)
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IABF was first suspended in December 2012 but no official activity has been considered by the AIBA for over 16 months, as the September 2012 elections were said to be manipulated.
Ward and Jason Quigley are guaranteed at least bronze medals at the 17th AIBA World Elite Men's Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
The practice of paying in cash for accommodation at AIBA championships has been the means of paying for a long time, and the WABA has no problem with this mode of payment.
But a dispute between the power brokers in AIBA and the ABAE has ruined the Pensby High School student's dream of a gold medal.
This provisional suspension is also due to the fact that AIBA had learned about possible manipulation of the recent IABF's election.
Both AIBA and the IOC investigated the claim and could find no evidence to support it.
However, the origin of the AIBA rule is far from clear.
Under AIBA rules, countries can't register their vote unless their registration fees have been paid.
He added, "With the AIBA transaction, A&A becomes the largest insurance broker and risk management consulting firm in Australia.
Narsi wrote in his mail, " This is to inform all the stakeholders of Indian boxing fraternity that AIBA has provisionally suspended Boxing India and it has instructed the ad hoc committee to handle issues related to calling a meeting of all stakeholders, and taking steps ahead, including holding fresh elections, to streamline stalled Indian boxing operations asap.
The AIBA statement also acknowledged Taylor, who is their Ambassador for women's boxing worldwide, as one of the most successful boxers, male or female, of all time.
Phasing in such pro-style projects has not been without controversy and the requirements attached to the introduction of another venture, AIBA Pro Boxing (APB), next year has also brought concern to sections of the amateur game.