AIBFAmnesty International Belgique Francophone (French: French-Speaking Belgian Amnesty International)
AIBFAustralasian Institute of Banking + Finance
AIBFAlbuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Inc.
AIBFAsia International Book Fair (Singapore)
AIBFAnterior Inter-Body Fusion
AIBFAnatomically Informed Basis Function (magnetic resonance imaging)
AIBFAssociation Ivoirienne de Bien-être Familiale (French)
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To ensure that its members have the opportunity to network despite geographic challenges, AIBF is sponsoring joint activities with local groups such as chambers of commerce and rotary clubs.
Cambodia, as ASEAN Chair, confirmed its participation and assured that the ASEAN Member States look forward to a successful AIBF back to back with the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit.
That's important, Bowman points out, to both AuSAE and AIBF - each has members invested or interested in the mainland.