AIBIAssociazione Amici Dei Bambini (Italian: Association Friends of the Children)
AIBIAmerican Indian Bible Institute (Los Angeles, California)
AIBIApparel Industry Board, Inc. (Chicago, IL; est. 1987)
AIBIAssociation Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle (French: International Federation of Plant Bakeries)
AIBIAntioch Internet Bible International (Christianity)
AIBIAtlantic International Bible Institute (Miami, FL; Sunset International Bible Institute)
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(2) Universite de Toulouse; CNRS, Mines Aibi; Centre RAPSODEE--UMR CNRS 5302; Campus Jarlard, Aibi, F-81013, France
Local wildlife expert Hai Ying recalled how Lake Aibi was called a "green labyrinth" when he first came to the area in the 1970s.
Lake Aibi's shallow depth, averaging 1.5 meters, means evaporation far exceeds precipitation.
(14) vohu xsaor[??]m vairim / bag[??]m aibi.bairist[??]m
(30) ta casm[??]ng obisra haro / aibi asa [aibi]vaenahi vispa (Y 31.13c)
The fields in question were not even mentioned by 'Aibi in his statement to az-Zaman.
The image of the "dustless paths" also appears, I believe, in the Gddas: Yasna 31.2 yezi ais noit urtuane aduua aibi.dardstd vaxiia, which I tentatively render as "For if, through these (words and actions, they are) not to be *set in motion, the better (things that are) clearly seen unhidden by the dust (of the road)"; cf.
The aqueous initiator (AIBI) solution was then injected to start the polymerization.
MMA (wt%, Dispersion [M.sub.w] AM DMC MMA based on Conversion viscosity (x [10.sup.6], Run (g) (g) (g) monomer) (%) (mPa x s) g/mol) 1 9.4 5.0 0.6 4 96.2 839 3.46 2 9.1 5.0 0.9 6 96.5 653 3.34 3 8.8 5.0 1.2 8 97.7 432 3.05 4 8.5 5.0 1.5 10 96.3 248 2.83 Conditions: 15 wt% monomer concentration (based on total); PDMC, 1.5 wt% (based on total); AS, 22 wt% (based on total); AIBI, 0.01 wt% (based on total); reaction temperature, 40[degrees]C.