AIBNAustralian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Brisbane, Australia)
AIBNAccident Investigation Board Norway (Lillestrøm, Norway)
AIBNAmerican Indian Business Network (Washington, DC)
AIBNAdaptive Identity-Based Network (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP and Cisco Systems, Inc.)
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To a polymerization tube was placed CMEMA and styrene monomer solution in 1,4-dioxane (2 ml as solvent) (0.5 g CMEMA-0.2 g styrene), in presence of AIBN as initiator.
A 5 g of the monomer solution were added to an aluminum dish containing 0.05 g of AIBN. Then the aluminum dish was sealed with aluminum foil and kept at 70[degrees]C for 48 h.
The AIBN report said the "post-investigation actions" of the 2009 crash "were not sufficient to prevent another main rotor loss".
For this purpose, it was placed to two different polymerization tubes: first tube, 0.880 g (0.004 mol) DEAMSt and 3.740 g (0.036 mol) styrene and 0.036 g AIBN, and second tube, 2.650 g (0.012 mol) DEAMSt and 2.910 g (0.028 mol) styrene and 0.044 g AIBN, in which 1,4-dioxane was used as solvent and AIBN was used as initiator.
For this purpose, three different reaction tubes were prepared (first tube: 0.442 g (0.002 mol) DEAMSt, 1.800 g (0.018 mol) MMA, and 0.022 g AIBN; second tube: 0.884 g (0.004 mol) DEAMSt, 1.600 g (0.016 mol) MMA, and 0.003 g AIBN; third tube: 0.326 g (0.006 mol) DEAMSt, 1.400 g (0.014 mol) MMA, and 0.014 g AIBN) in which 1,4-dioxane was used as solvent and AIBN was used as initiator.
Hg(II)-imprinted polystyrene was synthesized by using styrene as monomer, EGDMA as crosslinker, and AIBN as initiator while using Hg[I.sub.2] as template.
A solution of DTCMMA (96.4 mg, 442 Mmol), NIPAM (500 mg, 4.42 mmol), MBAA (6.8 mg, 4.4Mmol), and AIBN (21.8 mg, 133 [micro]mol) in DMSO (3.0 mL) was stirred at 60[degrees]C for 24 h under a nitrogen atmosphere.
So in order to check the effectiveness of free radical initiator promoted bromination, the reaction of indanone was carried out with NBS in the presence of AIBN as a catalyst.
As cartooned in Scheme 1, an oil phase containing V-Si QDs, styrene comonomer, and AIBN radical initiator was stabilized in water by in situ formed potassium oleate surfactant.
This copolymer also swelled when DMSO was added but exhibited a lower observed viscosity than the 1 : 32 bisVBT-VBA (1% AIBN) copolymer.
Then a mixture of 20 g MMA, 12 g BA, 2 g HPA, 6 g AA, 0.4 g-1.6 DAAM, and 0.4 g AIBN was added into the flask dropwise for 3 h at 78[degrees]C and kept for another 4 h at 78[degrees]C.