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AIBOArtificial Intelligence Robot (Sony)
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and sounds, and AI technology that connects AIBO to the cloud.
Sony pioneered entertainment robots with AIBO in 1999.
rank score of 84 for AIBO (there were N=84 participants).
The AIBOs respond to certain commands--bark and play.
Though LM Series owners can'' reach inside their pet and change and "genetic" hardwiring (as owners of the high-end AIBO can) the mechanical mutt will still learn up to seventy-five words and maintain a multistage growth cycle from puppyhood through adolscence and into adulthood--though only its owners will be allowed to actually die.
1 Unos ninos japoneses observan en la tienda de Sony, en Tokyo, a dos robots mascota de los llamados AIBO, que juegan cartas entre ellos, asi como lo lee.
Sony Corporation in Japan has developed a human-like robot capable of walking -- or kicking -- its popular AIBO robot dog.
SEGA of Japan plans to enter the mechanical dog business in competition with Sony's AIBO.
Meet AIBO (EYE-bo), the first completely computerized robot dog.
AIBO will do most anything Ginger can do--and do some things even better.
Other devices with the storage ports include Sony digital cameras and Sony's best- selling robot dog, AIBO.