AIBSAmerican Institute of Biological Sciences
AIBSAustralian Institute of Building Surveyors
AIBSAlfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences (Athens, Greece; est. 2005)
AIBSAshcroft International Business School (UK)
AIBSAllen Institute for Brain Science
AIBSAmerican Institute of Buddhist Studies (Columbia University)
AIBSAntwerp International Business School (Antwerp, Belgium)
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Los gastos adicionales incluyeron $21,199 USD para los premios estudiantiles de Wilks, Hubbs, y McCarley, cerca de $10,000 para los premios estudiantiles para viajes Bruce Stewart, $418 para el Comite Asesor Estudiantil, $200 para las cuotas AIBS, $3,494 para las cuotas de tarjetas mercantiles, y $132 de cargos por cheques revocados.
AIBS said ethanol has yielded "only about 10 percent more energy than was required to produce it," while in Brazil, where a different process is used, ethanol yielded "3.
When launched in 2001, BioOne will offer a broad selection of the journals of many AIBS member societies.
The project will be launched with a broad selection of the journals and bulletins published by the 55 AIBS member societies.
AIBS is a condition that is becoming increasingly common in today's society.
Publishing online with Ovid assures BioScience of a worldwide readership and furthers the AIBS mission of facilitating the exchange of scientific information in all areas of biology, biomedical and non-biomedical alike," said Dr.
of America in conjunction with the annual meeting of AIBS, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Last month we looked at AIBS 2016 results to determine expected future drivers of export growth at the firm level.
The 54th annual meeting of AIBS was held at the Key Bridge Marriot Hotel, Arlington, VA, 21-23 March 2003, with the AIBS Council meeting following in the same location on 24 March 2003.
We have worked very closely with industry, including the AIBS, in developing the reforms, and we will continue to do so to help create jobs and grow the economy.