AIBSAmerican Institute of Biological Sciences
AIBSAustralian Institute of Building Surveyors
AIBSAlfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences (Athens, Greece; est. 2005)
AIBSAshcroft International Business School (UK)
AIBSAllen Institute for Brain Science
AIBSAmerican Institute of Buddhist Studies (Columbia University)
AIBSAntwerp International Business School (Antwerp, Belgium)
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By 2007 NSF awarded more than $13 million to AIBS to "educate the scientific community" about NEON and "to develop the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) Coordinating Consortium, NEON Project Office, and preliminary Project Execution Plan." AIBS began by establishing a project, called Infrastructure for Biology at Regional to Continental Scales (IBRCS), to let ecologists in on the idea.
Receiving the award for the first time, Batra was all praise for the efforts taken by the AIBS to encourage entrepreneurship in ASEAN and India.
The AIBs are the international awards for factual video, audio and interactive productions presented by the Association of International Broadcasters (AIB), which aims to support, sustain, promote and protect its members, wherever they are in the world, via a range of specialist services.
Then, in June 1958, the AIBS Shark Research Panel was established to "1) expedite and activate recommendations formulated at the ONR sponsored conference on Basic Research Approaches to the Development of Shark Repellents and 2) to serve as clearing house for all information related to the field of elasmobranch biology in general and to the shark hazard problem in particular" (Olive, 1971).
Para evaluar el genotipo, tomaron muestras de saliva a 104 pastores alemanes, y para evaluar el fenotipo les aplicaron un cuestionario de actividad-impulsividad perteneciente a la Escala TDAH para perros (Vas et al., 2007), y una prueba de comportamiento (Escala Comportamental de Actividad-Impulsividad AIBS, Kubinyi et al., 2012) desarrollada por los mismos autores.
Los gastos adicionales incluyeron $21,199 USD para los premios estudiantiles de Wilks, Hubbs, y McCarley, cerca de $10,000 para los premios estudiantiles para viajes Bruce Stewart, $418 para el Comite Asesor Estudiantil, $200 para las cuotas AIBS, $3,494 para las cuotas de tarjetas mercantiles, y $132 de cargos por cheques revocados.
A new AIBS for the age of biology Bioscience 54: 979.
And the communities of Ballyhea and Charleville in Co Cork also protested outside their local AIBs. People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said taxpayers were sick of footing the bill for bondholders.
In the 1960s, the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), mostly in response to the Sputnik scare, received a seven million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a new science curriculum, including a series of new textbooks.
The guiding principle behind the VIA AMOS-1000 and VIA AMOS-2000 is the ability to add additional layers to the chassis, facilitating simple system expansion for optical drives, system storage and PCI or PCI Express AIBs.