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AICAAgencia Informativa Católica Argentina
AICAAssociazione Italiana per l'Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico
AICAAnterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
AICAAssociation Internationale des Critiques d'Art (French: International Association of Art Critics)
AICAArt Institute of California
AICAAustralian Infection Control Association
AICAAmerican International Charolais Association
AICAAssociazione Italiana Catene Alberghiere (Italy)
AICAAssociation of Independent Care Advisers
AICAAmerican Indian Contemporary Arts
AICAAssociazione Italiana Consulenti Ambientali (Italy)
AICAAmino-4-Imidazole Carboxamide
AICAAmerican Institute of Commemorative Art
AICAAfricus Institute for Contemporary Art
AICAAustralian Institute for Commercial Arbitration
AICAAustralian Indigenous Communication Association
AICAAssociation of Insured Chartered Accountants (Canada)
AICAAira Caryophyllea (silver hairgrass)
AICAAssociation of Independent Christian Artists
AICAAmerican Institute for Cancer Ablation
AICAAnterior Inferior Communicating Artery
AICAAquidneck Island Christian Academy (Middletown, RI)
AICAAlberta Injury Control Alliance (Canada)
AICAAssociation of Independent Craniofacial Advocates
AICAAfrican Independent Churches Association
AICAAmerican International Children's Alliance, Inc.
AICAArizona-Idaho Conservation Act of 1988
AICAAmerican Independent Cockpit Alliance, Inc.
AICAArizona Insurance Claims Association
AICAAssociation for Inter-Cultural Awareness
AICAAimophila Carpalis (rufous-winged sparrow)
AICAAbsolute Iliac-Crest Angle
AICAAssociazione Impianto Cochleare Alto Adige (Italy)
AICAAlternate Intercept Coverage Activity
AICAAssociation of Intellectual Catholics in Albania
AICAAir Intake Control Actuator
AICAAccident Injury Centers of Atlanta
AICAAustralian Interactive Communication Association
AICAAnglican Independent Communion in the Americas (Exeter, MO)
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Aica said her grandfather even has a handheld radio he uses to talk to the subdivision security guards whenever she heads out.
Although the transcarotid approach could shorten the distance, it would increase the risk of related complications.[3] In the first case, although the lesion was fed by the branches of SCA, AICA, and PICA, it was difficult to implement the embolization through any traditional transarterial approaches.
Vestibular neurectomy, drilling of the fundus of the internal acoustic canal, and placement of a Teflon sheet between the facial nerve and AICA were done during the surgical simulation (Figure 3).
The AICA is designed to help unlock the transformative power of AI and blockchain startups for the new age of supply chain management, cost-effectiveness and consumer satisfaction.
Noting tightening budgets and intensifying global competition, the committee discussed measures that NSF and NIST are taking to meet performance targets outlined in the AICA legislation.
Num momento em que "os municipios comecaram a desenvolver por sua iniciativa uma meritoria acao cultural, tendo contado na sua organizacao com a experiencia de organismos como a SNBA, a AICA, a SEC e as Escolas Superiores de Belas Artes" (Goncalves & da Silva Dias, 1985: 66), Rogerio Ribeiro defendia que subjaz a 'atividade publica' do artista um papel interventivo a diferentes patamares na comunidade, assente na conviccao de que a "arte e sempre um indice da cultura de um povo" (Rosendo, 2008).
Although the left VA was the nondominant one, the embolus is easy to escape and enter into both the right and left AICA (more into the right one) due to neck motion and the characteristics of anatomy of right AICA (the VA distal to the dissection, inferior segment of BA, and the initial segment of right AICA are almost in a line).