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AICAAgencia Informativa Católica Argentina
AICAAssociazione Italiana per l'Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico
AICAAnterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
AICAAssociation Internationale des Critiques d'Art (French: International Association of Art Critics)
AiCAArt Institute of California
AICAAustralian Infection Control Association
AICAAmerican International Charolais Association
AICAAssociazione Italiana Catene Alberghiere (Italy)
AICAAssociation of Independent Care Advisers
AICAAmerican Indian Contemporary Arts
AICAAssociazione Italiana Consulenti Ambientali (Italy)
AICAAmino-4-Imidazole Carboxamide
AICAAmerican Institute of Commemorative Art
AICAAfricus Institute for Contemporary Art
AICAAssociation of Insured Chartered Accountants (Canada)
AICAAustralian Indigenous Communication Association
AICAAira Caryophyllea (silver hairgrass)
AICAAssociation of Independent Christian Artists
AICAAmerican Institute for Cancer Ablation
AICAAnterior Inferior Communicating Artery
AICAAquidneck Island Christian Academy (Middletown, RI)
AICAAlberta Injury Control Alliance (Canada)
AICAAssociation of Independent Craniofacial Advocates
AICAAmerican International Children's Alliance, Inc.
AICAAfrican Independent Churches Association
AICAArizona-Idaho Conservation Act of 1988
AICAArizona Insurance Claims Association
AICAAmerican Independent Cockpit Alliance, Inc.
AICAAssociation for Inter-Cultural Awareness
AICAAimophila Carpalis (rufous-winged sparrow)
AICAAbsolute Iliac-Crest Angle
AICAAlternate Intercept Coverage Activity
AICAAssociazione Impianto Cochleare Alto Adige (Italy)
AICAAir Intake Control Actuator
AICAAssociation of Intellectual Catholics in Albania
AICAAccident Injury Centers of Atlanta
AICAAustralian Interactive Communication Association
AICAAnglican Independent Communion in the Americas (Exeter, MO)
AICAAustralian Institute for Commercial Arbitration
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Prior to the transfer of its phenolic resin business to Aica, SDK is scheduled to split and transfer the business to AICA SDK PHENOL on September 1, 2015, and transfer 85% of the shares of AICA SDK PHENOL to Aica on that day.
1 comparison with the National Association of Hotel Chains (AICA) list of chains: since affiliation to AICA is not compulsory, many chains decide not to adhere and for this reason this second source was considered only as additional;
Further studies confirmed that low-dose MTX therapy increases tissue AICAR levels in animal models of RA and urinary AICA levels in patients with psoriasis and RA.
Anita Nardon, the art critique of AICA (Association International des Critiques) described the painting style of the women artists with these words:
Atlantida Socotherm in Venezuela, a joint venture with AICA, the leading pipe coating contractor in the country, owns a multipurpose pipe coating plant in Anaco, within the area of the Country's biggest crude oil reserve.
In a statement reported by the AICA press agency, the group called a government effort to limit Indian births one of "eugenics.
We looked at the 401(k), but the administrative fee was around $2,000 and there was still a lot of paperwork," so AICA opted for the SIMPLE-401 (k).
AICA directed the Secretary of Agriculture to approve one FS alternative, known as RPA 3.
Recognizing that the pool of accounting graduates has changed, the AICA also has worked to actively recruit minorities and women into the profession and enhance their upward mobility.
I can't speculate on what the final environmental impact statement would have recommended if Congress hadn't passed AICA," says James Abbott, supervisor of the Coronado National Forest.
Many of the member colleges of the AICA currently offer programs and activities for their regional art teachers.