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AICAR5-Aminoimidazole-4-Carboxamide Riboside
AICAR5-Aminoimidazole-4-Carboxamide-1-Beta-D-Ribofuranoside (AMPK Activator)
AICARAsian Institute of Communication and Research
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AICAR and metformin, but not exercise, increase muscle glucose transport through AMPK-, ERK-, and PDK1-dependent activation of atypical PKC.
The team found that AICAR administration protected the mice from experiencing such contractions under heat stress.
It appears the activation of AMP kinase by AICAR fooled the body into believing it had exercised or, in the case of GW1516, exercised more than it actually had.
If you like exercise, you like the idea of more bang for your buck with GW1516 "If you don't like exercise, you love the idea of getting the benefits from a pill, as with AICAR.
3C); AICAR mimicked the function of kinsenoside in activating the downstream targets of lipolysis, including the phosphorylation and upregulation of these lipolysis-related proteins, which were alleviated by cpdC treatment.
Drugs such as anti-diabetic drug Metformin and AICAR, used to combat obesity, can prevent the hepatitis C virus from replicating in the body, the study suggests.
Pretreatment with the AMPK pharmacological activator AICAR or transfection with a CA-AMPK plasmid led to a recovery effect on reduced neurite outgrowth induced by As, suggesting that blunted AMPK activation is responsible for the inhibitory effect of As.
Building on research that produced a genetically altered "marathon mouse" in 2004, scientists have shown that a drug called AICAR can boost the running endurance of mice by about 45 percent--exercise not required.
There is clear evidence that methotrexate treatment leads to AICAR accumulation.
AICAR, an AMPK activator, and DMC down-regulated heat shock protein (HSP) 70 and increased the activity of the pro-apoptotic effector, caspase-3.