AICBAll-India Confederation of the Blind (Delhi, India)
AICBAssociate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers
AICBAngels in Cowboy Boots (disaster relief)
AICBAssociation Internationale Contre le Bruit (French: International Association Against Noise; Switzerland)
AICBAdobe Illustrator Clip Board
AICBAssociate of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
AICBAvenue International Capital Bhd. (Malaysia)
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A Marcelo Stucchi de la Asociacion para la investigacion y conservacion de la biodiversidad ( por haber proporcionado gentilmente los articulos publicados en 1949 por la Dra.
Training Link has students who have completed and passed exams for all three levels up to AICB within three months against the traditional nine to twelve months, while still maintaining Training Link's pass rate.
The present study is based on the 100 users (i.e., research scholar, postgraduates and graduate students) using the prominent libraries such as Amba Dalmia Resource Centre (ADRC); All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB); The Blind Relief Association (BRA); Braille Library, Delhi University's Central Reference Library (CRL); the Discipleship Centre (DC); Braille Wing, Delhi Public Library (DPL) and R.N.
Out of the 100 respondents interviewed, 11% are from ADRC, 22% from AICB, 9% from BRA, 24% from CRL, 6% from DC, 17% from DPL and 16% from RNBTBL.
The percentage has been calculated according to the total number of respondents responded i.e., 11 in ADRC, 22 in AICB, 9 in BRA, 24 in CRL , 6 in DC, 15 in DPL and 13 in RNBTBL.
11 in ADRC, 22 in AICB, 9 in BRA, 24 in CRL, 6 in DC, 15 in DPL and 13 in RNBTBL.
It is 73.3% in DPL, 66.6% in CRL, 36.5% in ADRC, 22.7% in AICB, 22.2% in BRA and 15.4% in RNBTBL.
Out of the seven libraries i.e., AICB, DPL and BRA have their own Braille press which produce books or magazines in Braille.
It is 92.3% in RNBTBL, 88.8% in BRA, 77.3% in AICB, 63.6% in ADRC, 54.2% in DPL and 33.3% in CRL.
In this study, out of the seven libraries, ADRC and AICB have the highest number of respondents using both Braille and Audio books with 81.1% in each library.
Asia Institute of Charted Banker chairman (AICB) chairman Tan Sri Azman Hashim also said the market sentiment on Monday could experience some 'nervousness' but would quickly stabilise under the leadership of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Under the National Project for the Blind, AOF with its partners AICB and NAB has successfully completed Braille Textbook project in Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Tamil Nadu and Braille Kit project in Kerala.