AICCCAAssociation of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies
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AICCCA offers these suggestions to keep spending down:
The objective of AICCCA is to promote consistent quality and delivery of consumer credit counseling services among its members.
At the same time, she sought help from a nonprofit agency called InCharge Debt Solutions (a member of both the NFCC and AICCCA).
at 52-53, 59-62 (explaining in part why creditors demand 100% payment in DMPs); NFCC, Personal Plans & Solutions, Debt Management Plan, (explaining that DMPs generally last three to five years, resulting in payoff of debt, and creditors offer not remission, but waiver of fees); AICCCA, FAQS, at room.cfm (explaining that DMPs involve concessions by creditors to reduce or eliminate interest and penalties--not remission of principal--and require up to sixty months of payments); CREDIT COUNSELING IN CRISIS, supra note 31, at 21-24 (explaining that secured debts are excluded and that creditors will grant only three kinds of concessions: re-aging accounts, interest reductions, and fee and penalty waivers).
"It is common practice that predatory lenders have consumers believe that their credit is actually worse than it is," says Joel Greenberg, a board member of AICCCA and president of Garden State Consumer Credit Counseling Inc.
For those facing a Red Tuesday, AICCCA advises consumers to stop, look, and listen using these tips:
Before accessing your retirement funds, AICCCA advises consumers to consider the following:
Many of those businesses are open 24 hours and all are highly profitable," cautions David Jones, president of AICCCA. "Those who can least afford to pay them are the victims.
For those consumers who must pay, AICCCA offers these tips:
To help protect your credit in a divorce, AICCCA offers these four tips:
"At this time in the shopping season, for some consumers the temptation is to spend too much or just charge a purchase simply to have a gift to give," notes David Jones, president of AICCCA. "These consumers could find themselves in real financial trouble in the New Year if they spend more than they can realistically afford or if they charge their holiday expenses without a plan in place to pay off the debt."
"Halloween spending definitely falls under the 'want' category of a spending plan." notes Dave Jones, president, AICCCA. "Consumers must first take care of the needs of their family before they commit money to the wants."