AICCCAAssociation of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies
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AICCCA offers these suggestions to keep spending down:
CREDIT COUNSELING IN CRISIS, supra note 31, at 23-25 (noting recent NFCC reports of a 26% completion rate and arguing that counseling agencies "are loathe to discuss bankruptcy with consumers because they do not make any money on these consumers"); AICCCA Consumer Credit Counseling Code of Practice [section] 9(B)(3) (2003), available at http://www.
For those facing a Red Tuesday, AICCCA advises consumers to stop, look, and listen using these tips:
Before accessing your retirement funds, AICCCA advises consumers to consider the following:
Many of those businesses are open 24 hours and all are highly profitable," cautions David Jones, president of AICCCA.
For those consumers who must pay, AICCCA offers these tips:
For those short on time and money, AICCCA offers these tips:
This will allow consumers the ability to spread out their costs over a longer period of time without resorting to the use of credit," explains David Jones, president of AICCCA.
Ignoring the situation if you owe more in taxes than you can afford to pay will only compound the situation," cautions David Jones, president of AICCCA.
Consumers seeking help from our member offices are more and more often coming in too late to benefit from a debt management plan," indicates Dave Jones, president of AICCCA.
The major tipping point for people seeking help from our member offices varies depending on the current economic conditions," says Dave Jones, president of AICCCA, "but the underlying cause for most consumers who do so is the lack of a household budget and poor money management skills.
The major difference when repaying debt through credit counseling with a debt management plan is the consumer will repay the entire amount of debt owed, whereas with a debt settlement plan the consumer will repay only a portion of the total debt owed," explains Dave Jones, president of AICCCA.