AICGAviation Insurance Clauses Group (UK)
AICGAutologous Immune Complex Glomerulopathy
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Methods: A total of 180 consecutive cases of multi-level cervical degenerative disease studied were grouped as follows: Group A (60) patients underwent anterior discectomy and PEEK fusion; Group B (50) patients underwent anterior discectomy, autogenous iliac crest graft (AICG) fusion and plate fixation; Group C (70) patients underwent anterior discectomy and AICG only.
Conclusions: Both the PEEK cage without plating (Author's note: The FDA has not approved interbody devices to be used without supplemental fixation) and AICG with plating are good methods for interbody fusion in multilevel cervical degenerative diseases.
Distinguished by its 15% market share in the government-sponsored Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) program, AICG operates as a specialty lines carrier with a focus on small nonmetropolitan commercial and personal lines accounts.