AICHAmerican Indian Community House
AICHArt Institute of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
AICHAcquisition Indicator Channel
AICHAdvanced Intelligent Corruption Handling (eMule; file sharing)
AICHAssociazione Italiana Cutting Horse (Italian: Italian Cutting Horse Association; equestrianism; Italy)
AICHAdvanced Institute of Complementary Healthcare (Singapore)
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According to Aich, Greenpeace India received a notice from the home ministry, dated April 9, on April 14, in which it was asked to respond within 30 days time.
However, unlike Aich, Chatterjee is keen on preserving the medium.
Aich said at his home in the eastern city of Calcutta: "I never allow any sort of tension to grip me.
It found that while the hospital patients did not 'strongly differentiate' between the two services, the AICH patients had 'a significantly more positive attitude towards the AICH'.
The event, showcasing culture and technology, is being held in Aich, 155 miles west of Tokyo.
He has also been linked with Hamid Aich, an Algerian engineer suspected of being behind a foiled plot to attack Los Angeles airport.
In the 1980s they incorporated as the Johnny Appleseed Society with a third founder, Myrtle Aich of Dexter City, Ohio.
Soni Moreno, an AICH board member and member of the a cappella group Ulali, accepted the award along with Jim Cyrus, director of the performing arts at AICH.
Likewise, as volumes of frottole and strambotti rolled off Italian presses during the second decade of the century, the publishing houses of Oeglin, Peter Schoeffer, and Arnt von Aich were releasing equally large and important collections of German Tenorlieder.
Le fils de Chemini, sur les hauteurs de Sidi Aich, avait ecrit pres de 200 pieces dans la veine sociale et comique du temps ou le theatre radiophonique etait tres suivi.
The Ourbata operation is the continuation of that of Sidi Aich which helped last March eliminate senior leaders of katiba Okba Ibn Nafaa, including their chief Lokmen Abou Sakhr," Gharsalli pointed out at a news conference held in the Laouina barrack, to present the results of the operation of Jebel Ourbata, where hunting for other terrorist elements is still underway.