AICHAmerican Indian Community House
AICHArt Institute of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
AICHAcquisition Indicator Channel
AICHAdvanced Intelligent Corruption Handling (eMule; file sharing)
AICHAssociazione Italiana Cutting Horse (Italian: Italian Cutting Horse Association; equestrianism; Italy)
AICHAdvanced Institute of Complementary Healthcare (Singapore)
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Aich, known as 'Pocket Hercules,' surrendered to time at his residence in Baguiti, North Kolkata, yesterday, says family sources.
M Aich, ABM Khorshed Alam, DC Talukder, MA Rouf Sarder, AY Fakir, M Hossain.
According to Aich, Greenpeace India received a notice from the home ministry, dated April 9, on April 14, in which it was asked to respond within 30 days time.
However, unlike Aich, Chatterjee is keen on preserving the medium.
Resonating grief and injustice, another rally - headed by director Aparna Sen and painter Samir Aich - took place in central Kolkata.
Karim R, Sengupta S, Samanta S, Aich RK, Das U, Deb P.
The two-day series of events featured discussions led by guest speakers Mr Ammar Shams, Regional Head of Corporate Sustainability at HSBC; Mr Pinaki Aich, Director-Strategy, Dubai International Financial Centre Authority; Mrs thira Prasad, Director at Nasser Saidi & Associates; Dr Sohail Zubairi, Chief Executive Officer, Dar Al Sharia Legal & Financial Consultancy LLC and Mrs Makameh Afkhami Vice President, Head of Retail Strategy, Group Strategy, Emirates NBD.
By putting these three words together, you can get a sound code: Aich Oh Tea.
Le parcours politique de ce militant tenace et convaincu a alors commence en 1965, aux cotes d'autres militants ayant fonde les premieres assises du parti dans la capitale du Souss, notamment feu Othmane Akalay, maEtre Lahcen Farouki, Ahmed Chaoui M'zabi, Mohamed Ismaili, feu Lahcen Aich, Simon Hayem et bien d'autres.
Manohar Aich, who is 4ft 11in, overcame poverty and a stint in prison to become the world's top bodybuilder in 1952.
Helmy Aboul Aich, president du conseil d'administration du Conseil national egyptien de la Concurrence, a pour sa part signale le choix de trois lignes d'orientation essentielles a la nouvelle strategie, ayant pour objets le passage a l'economie verte, l'invention et l'investissement dans l'element humain.
It found that while the hospital patients did not 'strongly differentiate' between the two services, the AICH patients had 'a significantly more positive attitude towards the AICH'.