AICMAeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México (Spanish: Mexico City International Airport; Mexico City, Mexico)
AICMAkaike's Information Criterion (statistical models)
AICMAustralian Institute of Credit Management
AICMAdvances in Computational Mathematics (textbook)
AICMAnd I Claim My...
AICMAnti-Inflammatory Controller Medication
AICMArie and Ida Crown Memorial (Chicago, IL)
AICMAssociazione Italiana di Citogenetica Medica
AICMAssociation des Ingénieurs Commerciaux de Mons (French: Commercial Engineers Association of Mons; Mons, Belgium)
AICMAssociate of the Institute of Credit Management
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In March 2018, GACM issued a special series of its shares and a nominal equity interest in AICM in favor of the 'Fibra E' instrument.
('AICM') supported ARITA's views: Senate ELC (n 9) 15
The 30th anniversary highlighted green manufacturing and Responsible Care(R), underlining the common vision shared by the AICM and its approximately 70 members: to contribute to the sustainable development of a responsible chemical industry in China.
(9) El AICM en el 2015 reporto un movimiento de pasajeros en sus dos terminales de 38,4 millones de personas al ano, equivalentes a un promedio de 3,2 millones mensuales y poco mas de 100 mil por dia (AIMC, 2015).
Jesus Padilla Zenteno, president of the business organization Confederacion Patronal de la Republica Mexicana (COPARMEX), said the new terminal was needed because passenger and cargo traffic at the AICM has increased by 5.7% annually during the past five years.
As per the AICM, we calculated abortion incidence primarily using data from two sources: a survey of facilities potentially able to provide abortion-related care, called the Health Facilities Survey (HFS), and a survey of experts on abortion in Nepal, called the Health Professionals Survey (HPS).
The company was also presented with a merit award for Responsible Care in China from the Association of International Chemical manufacturers (AICM).
None of the AICM staff and the community anticipated the hard work of the staff and the Rydal Penrhos team, and it will always be memorable to us.
The Director of VivaAerobus, Juan Carlos Zuazua, commented that after Enrique Pena Nieto assumed the presidency of Mexico two years ago, he described providing a complete solution to AICM so that airlines could forecast the realisation of a new project and plan accordingly.