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Number Hurdle model AICn AIC Statistic 1 Poisson logit hurdle (PH) 567160.75 0.6911461 2 Negative binomial logit 545512.06 0.6647649 hurdle (NBH) Notes.
"AJCN will provide three functional capabilities," said Don Petersen, BAE Systems' AICN program manager.
The postings followed an explosive rant by one of AICN's regular contributors, following Willis' quotes in a recent Vanity Fair article regarding the pic's PG-13 rating.
(Some show him early cuts of their films.) And the studios routinely set up interviews and plant original art with AICN's writer-critic Drew McQueeney for such films as "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."
The Austin, Texas-based cinegeek boasts close relationships with filmmakers such as James Cameron, who call him with news, but AICN passes along false leads and studio handouts, too.
"When the site started 10 years ago, we definitely saw it as a way of invading the testscreening process," says Drew "Moriarty" McSweeny, the West Coast editor of AICN. "I make no bones about that.
The flak noted that her studio is not among those contributing or courting AICN's Knowles.