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Specifically, the IAQ assessed reported likelihood of engaging in a variety of internet activities when online, the AIAQ assessed reported likelihood of engaging in those same activities during online drinking, and the AICQ assessed whether a variety of consequences had ever occurred as a result of online drinking.
TABLE 3 Internal Consistency and Concurrent Validity of New Measures Cronbach's Correlation with Measures Alpha Measures Internet Use Questionnaire Not --online frequency assessed IAT (r = .15 *) --weekly hrs online IAT (r = .30 ***) IAQ .63 IAT (r = .42 ***) AIAQ .66 AUDIT (r = .26 ***), IAT (r = .31 ***) AICQ .77 AUDIT (r = .34 ***), IAT (r = .41 ***) Note: Other than Internet Use Questionnaire, analyses above were based on total scores for the measures.
National Distinctions/Awards: Award of Excellence at the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas, Leonard Award and Special Visionary award at the Consulting Engineers of Quebec (AICQ)