AICQAssociazione Italiana Cultura per la Qualità (Italian Association for Quality)
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The AICQ was used to assess whether participants had ever experienced 11 possible consequences related to online drinking (see Table 2).
Specifically, the IAQ assessed reported likelihood of engaging in a variety of internet activities when online, the AIAQ assessed reported likelihood of engaging in those same activities during online drinking, and the AICQ assessed whether a variety of consequences had ever occurred as a result of online drinking.
The founding partners include: Unione Industriale di Torino (Turin Industrial Association), ANFIA (National Association of Automotive Industries, Italian IATF Oversight Office), AMMA (Metallurgic & Mechanical Industry Association), AICQ (Italian Association for Quality Culture), member of EOQ (European Organization for Quality) and CUNA (Technical Commission for Automotive Standardization).