AICRAAutomobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act of 1998 (New Jersey)
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In Kohima, around 400 students participated at the day-long event organised by AICRA in association with Technoxian and St Mary's Cathedral Higher Secondary School (SMCHSS) Kohima at the school's premise.
The AICRA also recently released guidelines for CPAs assisting health care providers in complying with the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA).
AICRA was intended to eliminate unnecessary medical treatment and testing in order to decrease PIP costs.
To support his proposal, Goldman cited that while AICRA repealed the 35 percent cap between territories, the same law also called for the new territorial rates not to be "significantly disproportionate".
It is time for the AICRA management to resign en masse and for the AICRA to replace them with leaders who will work to restore public confidence in auditors.