AICRPAll India Coordinated Research Project (India Agricultural Research Institute; New Delhi, India)
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*Corresponding author: Subha Ganguly, AICRP On Post Harvest Technology (ICAR), Department of Fish Processing Technology, Faculty of Fishery Sciences, West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, 5, Budherhat Road, P.O.
ICAR-CIRC is also executing three extensive projects under AICRP on cattle so as to bring the desired genetic improvement in crossbred and indigenous cattle breeds.
The genotypes in this study were from the Initial Varietal Trial conducted under AICRP on soybean during rainy season of 2014.
In another study, wax blocks of 0.005% bromadiolone and 2% zinc phosphide produced better results in respect of reduction in rodent activity and damage at flowering and pod maturity stages (AICRP, 1988).
University of Agriculture & Technology of Kashmir, Srinagar, (+) AICRP on Pigs, College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara, Guwahati, India Table.
A long-term fertiliser experiment at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (17 [degrees] 17'N, 78 [degrees] 23'E) under the All India Coordinated Research Project on Long Term Fertilizer Experiments (AICRP on LTFE) was started in 1971 with a rice (kharif, rainy season)-rice (rabi, winter)(Oryza sativa L.) cropping system on Tropaquepts.
(2.) Anonymous, 2015, Directorate Reports and Summery Tables of Experiment, AICRP on Soybean, Directorate of Soybean Research, Indore.
Authors are thankful to Principal Investigator, AICRP on goat improvement: Surti field unit and Research Scientist, Livestock Research Station, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari for providing necessary infrastructure facilities.
All India Co-ordinated Research Project (AICRP) on goat improvement.
AICRP on EAAI (Bioconversion Technology), Main Agriculture Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad-580 005, Karnataka, India.