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Under the AICS guidelines, applicants who qualify for assistance receive from P2,000 to P5,000 in cash, according to Arnel Garcia, DSWD regional director, in a statement.
Garcia said the DSWD looks at the welfare of indigent and underprivileged children and youth ensuring that they would go to school with the help of AICS.
AICs see little need to document their missionary nature for they understand doing mission as the mandate of the church and therefore do not design and document missionary models.
Many AICs do not emphasize the selection and identification of some of their members as "missionaries" but insist, rather, that mission is a lifestyle.
Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) [1] is a powerful technique for model selection, and it has been widely used for selecting models in many fields of study.
Since the LS estimator is vulnerable in presence of outliers, it is not surprising that AIC inherits this problem.
Other Top Gun AICs take to the real skies to seek out and attack enemy aircraft.
accepted as objective accounts by the members of the AICs themselves.
In this chapter he describes his experience directing this ecumenical organization, which united many AICs in working for justice and reconciliation and which concentrated mainly upon providing theological education by extension.
Maluleke reviews research on the AICs and other grassroots communities, mainly by white researchers, including Daneel, and calls for a rapprochement between African theologians and AIC researchers.
The preservation of social harmony and timeless axiomatic themes is precisely what the AICs have achieved.
AIC Steel needs to replace a mixture of ad-hoc legacy systems with an integrated ERP that provides end to end solution to increase operational efficiencies and also to manage its global operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, China, United Kingdom & other GCC countries.