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In AICT, Centamin, Omar Effendi, and Indorama, the court inferred corruption and the intent to jeopardize public funds from the fact that the contracts in question were underpriced or that the terms were tilted in favor of the investor.
shtml; see also Annulment of: (1) AICT Concession Contract by Alexandria Administrative Court (Dec.
40510/65/2012/Administrative Court in Cairo, (7th Circuit for Economic and Investment Disputes) [hereinafter "Al Nasr"]; AICT, supra note 55.
Therefore, in AICT the Alexandria Administrative Court reformulated the claimants' request, which was filed as a limited review case of an administrative passive decision for failure to act, into one of full judicial review which allowed the court to examine the legality of administrative contracts and any claims for damages relating to the performance of the contract.
Residents and their families were invited to participate in a planning meeting and a final meeting of each AICT that occurred during week 3 and week 8 of the Intervention period.
Although advanced care planning (advance directives, health care proxies, power of attorney, and so forth) is another important part of a holistic approach to improve advanced illness care for nursing home residents, it was not included in AICT because both of the participating homes thoroughly addressed the advance care planning needs of each resident during the admission and care planning process, and they update plans on a regular basis.
The AICT intervention was based on models of care developed by Volicer (Volicer, 2001; Volicer & Bloom-Charette, 1999), Toseland (McCallion, Toseland, & Freeman, 1999; McCallion, Toseland, Lacey, Freeman, & Banks, 1999), and Cohen-Mansfield (Cohen-Mansfield, Marx, & Rosenthal, 1989).
A care plan was developed and implemented with the assistance of the AICT team physician and the nursing staff.
As part of the program farmers are encouraged to return a small percentage of the seed from their new crops, back to AICT.
Over the next three years, PWS&D will help AICT support farmers through training in organic farming techniques, sorghum seed production, seed and food storage, and the promotion of sorghum utilization.
With the rainy season quickly approaching, AICT hopes to complete the relief distribution shortly in order to prevent further pneumonia and malaria infections.
Currently, AICT is also designing a rehabilitation program to reconstruct clinics, churches and water sources, and to provide building materials and technical support for homeless families.