AIChEAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers
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Knovel's enhancements to the DIPPR database make it even more valuable to industrial professionals," said Scott Berger of the AIChE.
In announcing the gift, June Wispelwey, executive director of the AIChE thanked Dow for its generosity and foresight in boosting the initiative, which will be run by AIChE s Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS).
Dow's service as an AIChE director in the 1930s, to Dow's decision to share its ground-breaking Fire and Explosion and Chemical Exposure indices through AIChE with chemical engineers everywhere.
In addition to lauding the work surrounding the Lewa Awards, Shaikh Mohamed also put the spotlight on the AIChE Middle East Regional Chem-E-Car competition that took place in the region for the first time.
Mepec also featured several innovative industry initiatives including Leadership Excellence Awards for Women (Lewa), Innovation and Commercialisation Zone, and the first AIChE Middle East Regional Chem-E-Car competition.
The AIChE Middle East Regional Chem-E-Car Competition is powered by OGN, who have helped provide strong media coverage for this inaugural event.
In a July article in the AIChE Journal, the team found that the United States could meet its entire demand for transportation fuel by building 130 synthetic fuel plants across the country.
The recipient of many awards, Freeman was named an AAAS Fellow in 2012, an ACS and AICHE Fellow in 2011, and a PMSE Fellow in 2010.
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AIChE equipment testing procedure; continuous direct-heat rotary dryers; a guide to performance evaluation, 3d ed.
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In January 2004, Wiley assumed all publishing responsibilities for AICH's three journals, including Environmental Progess, Process Safety Progress and the AIChE Journal.