AIChEAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers
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Dan Coombs, LyondellBasell's executive vice president of Global Manufacturing, Projects, Refining and Technology and member of the AIChE Foundation Board of Trustees Corporate Council, reflected on the benefits of the initiative stating, "At LyondellBasell, we work every day to be the best operated company in the industry and that requires an unwavering commitment to safety.
Khogeer is also the first engineer from outside the US to receive the Distinguished Services Award from the Fuels and Petrochemicals Division of AIChE, Saudi Aramco added.
Mepec is not only the premier process engineering event in the region for the energy sector with a strong focus on attracting and nurturing young engineers into the industry but is also hosting many exciting initiatives such as the exclusive AIChE Regional Chem-E-Car Competition, Leadership Excellence for Women Awards & Symposium (Lewas) and the Innovation Zone (ICZ)," Dr Redhwi said.
Gidaspow, "Bubbling fluidization model using kinetic theory of granular flow," AIChE Journal, vol.
The AIChE Middle East Regional Chem-E-Car Competition is powered by OGN, who have helped provide strong media coverage for this inaugural event.
The AIChE Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion Division and the ASME HTD worked very closely during those initial years and the partnership continued over the next 50+ years.
Les victimes sont des hommes de Nahr Aiche, un quartier du sud de la capitale, oE les forces de securite menent regulierement des perquisitions et des arrestations suivies de tortures qui peuvent entraEner la mort, precise l'OSDH.
AIChE was founded in 1908, and 80 years later the Saudi section was born.
Weekman, a lecturer at Princeton, is the former director of the Mobil Central Research Laboratories and a past president of AIChE.
Knovel offers a wide range of validated content for engineers, including more than 4,000 leading reference works and databases from more than 90 technical publishers and professional societies including NACE, AIChE and ASM International.
He has provided a high level of leadership and service to his profession, including serving as chair of PMSE and currently as a councilor for the division; president of the North American Membrane Society; chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Membranes: Materials and Processes; and immediate past chair of the Separations division of AIChE.
The two will present their project at the National AIChE conference in Salt Lake City in November.