AIDAAAssociazione Italiana Di Aeronautica e Astronautica (Italian Aeronautics and Astronomy Association)
AIDAAAssociazione Italiana Difesa Animali Ambiente (Italian animal assistance group)
AIDAAApparent Ileal Digestibility of Amino Acids
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On behalf of AIDAA, Elliot Silverstein (an American film director) voiced regret over the lack of consideration, in the United States, for authors and directors whose works are denatured (at the time, this concerned the colourisation of films) without their having been consulted beforehand, in spite of the United States' signature and ratification of the 1989 Berne Convention.
AIDAA laments that the European Commission has refused to countenance some of the amendments the European Parliament adopted in its first reading, and introduced, "in contempt of democratic principles, provisions that weaken copyright".
The AIDAA has denounced this attempt by public service broadcasters to "circumvent the copyright rules that apply to the works they broadcast".