AIDAASAdvanced Information Delivery and Access Solutions (Allied Digital Infonet Berhad last-mile wireless broadband delivery)
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The AIDAAS and SkyTel partnership will bring a new option to Philippine consumers.
Commenting on the benefits of rolling out AIDAAS in a metropolis, Aida said that cabling a city with fiber optics was an expensive task for networks and can also prove to be a major feat especially in dense metropolitan areas.
She added that AIDAAS was also an excellent last-mile solution, because it can help bridge the digital divide quickly with its fast and easy deployment methods at a low-cost.
The AIDAAS technology with its tremendous reach of 40km radius from the central station would enable the people in these areas to be connected at a reasonable cost.
Commenting on other benefits of the technology, Aida said that AIDAAS has the added advantage of Digital Broadcast.
AIDAAS was developed by Allied Digital Infonet Berhad together with its Ukranian partners.
Based in Malaysia and incorporated in 2005, Allied Digital Infonet Berhad (718859-T) is an innovative wireless solutions provider of the proprietary and patented AIDAAS technology.