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AIDABAustralian International Development Assistance Bureau
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"UNESCO Pacific project to get AIDAB funding", Focus, 3(3):26.
Therefore, it is proposed that AIDAB support provide practical training courses such as book-keeping in country areas.
In a survey of the Chinese iron and steel industry managers attending training programmes at an Australian Government-sponsored training centre (The China Australia Iron & Steel Industry Training Centre (CAISITC) supported by the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB)), managers were asked about the use of different classes of software in their enterprise.
Arthur helped prepare a lengthy proposal for submission to the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB) for K8,000 funding for a poultry project.
1992, which revealed that the deceased had, in fact, been shot by an Australian police adviser attached to the AIDAB Police Support Project.
Additional confusion was caused when the Post-Courier newspaper prematurely reported that the MYL had secured a K8,000 grant from AIDAB (Post-Courier, Tuesday, November 3, 1992, p.).
At meetings in Jakarta, we discussed the project and financial matters that might involve the Australian government's Export Finance Insurance Corporation (EFIC), Australian International Development Aid Bureau (AIDAB), and Developmen International Finance Facility (DIFF).
At the first meeting attended by SABMI and Austrade representatives, the SABMI directors said if the dredge supplier could arrange for AIDAB grant monies, the would purchase a dredge of the type they had inspected.