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AIDANAll India Drug Action Network (India)
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Aidan, who lives in Felling in Gateshead, says: "Around 1990, I decided as a painter to take a look at what defined the North East as a place.
Due to his mobility problems public transport plays a vital role in Aidan's day-to-day life and a bus pass gets him across Cardiff and to work.
Kaye Mughal, centre manager at Battersea Old Windsor, said: "Christmas is one of Aidan's favourite times of year.
If the team goal is met, Aidan will have collected roughly $100,000 in total for Play for Peace.
Yet in the midst of all the tragedy there was some humour as well, as characters remembered Aidan, who was an amazing character.
I am 100 per cent behind this storyline and I understand why they wanted to do it with Aidan," she said.
Next morning, when Aidan fails to show up for work, Johnny thinks he's slept in and lets himself into his son's flat.
Mick is unsure if he can make the call (although Linda is seriously considering it) but given that Aidan has poured petrol around the Vic to show he means business, the pub landlord realises he needs to take desperate action.
AIDAN has been with me all week, ever since I met him, every time I close my eyes, every time I walk down the city centre streets.