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AIDCATS (Air Traffic Services) Interfacility Data Communication
AIDCAutomotive Industry Development Centre
AIDCAerospace Industrial Development Corporation
AIDCAlternative Information and Development Centre
AIDCAustralian International Documentary Conference
AIDCAutomatic Identification and Data Capture/Collection
AIDCAssociation for Automatic Identification and Data Capture Technologies
AIDCAutomated Intrusion Detection Capability
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AIDC aims to be a centre of excellence and a focus for research, and Smith says there's nothing else like it in the UK.
The AIDC is an industry support centre established by government to assist the automotive industry in its quest for global competitiveness.
In most cases, they will have an AIDC staff member or commission member attend and speak at those events," Stebbins says.
With reliable performance from partners, AIDC will increase outsourcing for engine housing, aircraft fuselage, and tools from NT$1.
Sbordon was also the first to research, prepare, and publish a comprehensive study of the AIDC market size and potential in the manufacturing environment.
After the tour, Ward ran a presentation that seemed to wow the commissioners and AIDC staff with its bright, bold images.
AIDC and Sicamb supply B787-8 auxiliary box assemblies for AleniaAermachii of Italy.
I see a problem because some individuals are developing a tug of war between the different AIDC technologies.
On an every other month basis, IMES bulk ships about 3,500 copies of its waste exchange catalog to the AIDC for distribution to Arkansas manufacturers and others that have expressed an interest in waste exchange.
This volume (Volume 5A) of the 2008 Global AIDC Industry Business Planning Service includes coverage of the American market for direct part marking equipment.
Under the agreement, which followed a thorough evaluation process, AIDC will produce composite panels for A320 Family aircraft aft belly fairings.
Hsieh stressed that AIDC would more aggressively transform itself into an original design manufacturing (ODM) firm for the global aerospace industry.