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AIDCATS (Air Traffic Services) Interfacility Data Communication
AIDCAutomatic Identification and Data Collection
AIDCAutomotive Industry Development Centre
AIDCAerospace Industrial Development Corporation
AIDCAlternative Information and Development Centre
AIDCAustralian International Documentary Conference
AIDCAutomatic Identification and Data Capture/Collection
AIDCAssociation for Automatic Identification and Data Capture Technologies
AIDCAutomated Intrusion Detection Capability
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Joining Zebra and Honeywell at the top of this year's AIDC list are Datalogic, which posted a 0.4% drop in revenues over 2016 (from $556 million to $554 million); SATO, which saw its revenues increase by 9.7% (from $200 million to $219 million); and Toshiba TEC, whose revenues grew by 9.5% (from $158 million to $173 million).
AIDC neither supported or could change the policy, as its strongly believed in continuity and consistency than supporting temporary loss or benefits for some players in the short run.
A study by Booz Allen (2) concluded that the challenges in implementation and use of UDI are the AIDC and IT needs, while the benefits will primarily be to healthcare providers and patients and less so to the manufacturers and vendors of the devices.
| A Centre for Food, Nutrition and Energy Security will feature a "plant breeding hotel" which will allow researchers and breeders to benefit from the expertise and facilities at the AIDC. There will be testing and analytic facilities and there are also plans to refurbish existing laboratory facilities.
So, AIDC stressed, it will focus on upgrading management efficiency and cutting costs.
The AIDC features world-class communication, audiovisual and video-conferencing facilities, tribunal facilities, conference rooms and access to translation and transcription services.
Created in 1984 and composed of some 25 countries over five continents, the International Academy of Constitutional Law (AIDC) headquartered in Tunis, carries out training and research.
The North East is set to become a key link to the European Centre of Excellence for AIDC, based in Barnsley.
The AIDC Centre, based in Barnsley, is a world leader in the technologies of Automatic Identification and Data Capture.
SmartChain 6.0 is designed to ease the integration of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies, such as bar codes, IUID, RFID, GPS, and sensors, into existing business processes.
The explanation for the diverse exhibits lies not with the eponymous Elsie, whose textile mill this once was, but with the present top-floor tenant, AIDC. The initials stand for Automatic Identification and Data Capture.