AIDCOEuropeAid Co-Operation Office
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Whether the AIDCO syntax will significantly improve the discussion of collective action and common pool resource management is something that will take more time to answer.
Having the capability to accept and fulfill customer's orders is a necessity that manufacturers and distributors can no longer afford to ignore," said Jeff Hadley, vice president of Engineering Technology for AIDCO International.
AIDCO's Palligistics system uses a newly developed, patent-pending AIDCO GripStar CFVC 200 end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) mounted on the KUKA robot.
We'll use the remaining three quarters to develop our emerging territories, attract more transfer business, draw more agencies to our exclusive AIDCO program, add more users to our new ASPEN software for submitting personal lines applications, and provide premier service to our customers.
Since year-end 1993, we appointed 15 new agencies to the exclusive AIDCO system and signed agreements for $31 million of additional books to transfer business.
I give a great deal of credit to our exclusive AIDCO system, to which we appointed five new agencies this quarter, and to our transfer program, for which we signed agreements for $16.