AIDDAccelerated Intelligent Drug Discovery
AIDDAccelerated Intelligent Drug Design (chemistry)
AIDDAustralasian Independent Diamond Drilling (est. 2004; Mongolia)
AIDDAbbott Ireland Diagnostics Division (Dublin, Ireland)
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But Bevin Cornwall, whom Alf recruited to AIDD as a trainee in 1950 (eventually becoming its fourth director), emphasised to me (10) that in the early 1950s several other hospital departments, such as those for renal dialysis, cancer treatment, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and later, orthopaedics, were all benefiting from the expertise of Alf's enthusiastic group.
Alf Melville and the AIDD team developed fetal monitoring (9), drip rate recording equipment (to provide which, they were "hard-pushed" (10)) and an elegant neonate-sized tank-respirator for intermittent negative pressure ventilation (13,14) (Figure 3).
Here the authors indicated that at AIDD, "Generally effort has been aimed at producing equipment and techniques that are not available commercially".
It is an honor to be the architects of record at the Wolf Building," said David Kirschenbaum, a vice president and cofounding principal of Design AIDD.
Design AIDD, began working on the 12-story landmark building in 2008, beginning with a series of renovations that included several office expansions, a penthouse medical facility and new wiring.
The opportunity to develop energy-efficient renovation programs in new law tenement buildings is an important sign of the times," said Andrea Harris, RA, AIA, LEED-AP, a Design AIDD principal.
The Design AIDD team has amalgamated a traditional brownstone shell with a modern-day glass facade to encompass more than 3,700 s/f of available space.
Design AIDD leveraged current zoning laws to maximize the six-foot expanse between the existing brownstone facade and the property line.