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AIDERAccident Information and Driver Emergency Rescue
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Les bailleurs de fonds devraient travailler avec les organisations de la societe civile et les medias existants pour etendre leurs activites a l'interieur du pays et aider a la creation de nouveaux groupes locaux.
St John Cymru bike response first aider James Bishop, left, with the man he saved, Tim Ravenhill <B Rob Browne
En assurant les investisseurs et les preteurs contre le risque politique, la MIGA leur offre la protection necessaire pour les aider a surmonter les obstacles susceptibles de decourager l'investissement.
Le Groupe S&D est convaincu, compte tenu de l'evolution democratique au Maroc, qu'une acceleration des reformes economiques et sociales et du processus de regionalisation peut aider a une solution politique et negociee du conflit du Sahara, ecrit le chef de file des Socialistes au PE, Hannes Swoboda, dans une lettre a l'Ambassadeur Menouar Alem, chef de la mission du Maroc aupres de l'UE.
The first aider, an exambulance driver, rang for help and within minutes Mark Mitchell, a paramedic, was there to take over.
The three-hour annual course by St John Ambulance provides first aiders with an opportunity to practise and update their skills during their three year period as a qualified first aider.
But automatically applying the same (strict liability) mens rea standard to the aider and abettor (the one loaning or selling the gun)--which is precisely what the federal aiding and abetting statute requires (7)--clashes with the congressional intent behind [section] 922(d).
It was not an easy decision to make, however, the management of Sinostar Int'l recently conducted a site visit to Guangzhou Int'l Convention and Exhibition Centre Phase 2 shortly aider its completion and aider extensive review we strongly believe that Level 2 of the new venue is much better in its architectural layout and accessibility for both visitors and exhibitors.
188, and leave a message, a Music Aider will get back to you.
With a first aider administering CPR to Ross, the atmosphere turned extremely nasty on the pitch and referee Richmond told both sets of players to return to their dressing rooms.
Vue d'ensemble de l'offre de services distines a aider a conquerir le monde des cyberaffaires et a favoriser l'essor de botre petite ou moyenne entreprise tourisitique".
Then, aider a triple-spaced paragraph jump, she adds, "Unless, of course, someone talks Dad into heading up another search committee.