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AIDESAutomated Image Data Extraction System
AIDESAnalyst Intelligence Display and Exploitation System
AIDESAnalyst's Intelligence Display & Exploitation/Exploration System
AIDESAsociación Indígena de Desarollo Economico y Social (Native Association for Economic and Social Improvement, Guatemala)
AIDESSenior Alert, Industrious, Dedicated, Energetic Service (National Council of Senior Citizens)
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Other aides try to hedge their bets by serving on public housing committees or announcing that they're only making money so that they can prepare for a run for public office.
The aides are mostly silent as they wait for trays.
During the press conference Thursday, Schwarzenegger was asked whether he and his aides were continuing to review the allegations of groping and sexual harassment that were made against him in the waning days of the campaign.
org) provides free Home Health Aide training and offers home care jobs in New York.
Some workers, such as special education aides who mainly provide physical assistance to students, could be given different job titles - re-categorized - to indicate they aren't paraprofessionals, she said.
Clintonites Cutter and Gottheimer spend more and more time on the road with Kerry, as do trip director Setti Warren and senior aide David Morehouse, both Clinton White House veterans.
Perhaps the programs most likely to draw and hold the attention of nurse aides are interactive video training programs that require minimal reading and writing skills to complete.
Aides to politicians seem to be earning money on their own, and sometimes more flagrantly than their bosses.
He made the remarks at a hearing July 27 in which officials of the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) presented a report to Congress alleging that more than half of the nation's nursing homes are deficient in nurses' aide staffing, almost a quarter fall short in total licensed personnel, and about a third have insufficient RN staffing to meet the ne eds of their patients.
However, the agency must be licensed by the state, and employees must have nurse's aide certification.
Loretta accepts that the aides often don't bring the bedpan until after she needs it.
Aides and lobbyists say there is little doubt the whopping corporate tax bill - packed with $170 billion worth of goodies for everyone from Los Angeles movie studios to Oldsmobile dealers to foreign dog-race gamblers - eventually will become law.