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AIDESAutomated Image Data Extraction System
AIDESAnalyst Intelligence Display and Exploitation System
AIDESAnalyst's Intelligence Display & Exploitation/Exploration System
AIDESAsociación Indígena de Desarollo Economico y Social (Native Association for Economic and Social Improvement, Guatemala)
AIDESSenior Alert, Industrious, Dedicated, Energetic Service (National Council of Senior Citizens)
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Aides could further assist by directly communicating with subordinate commands to ensure pooled gift efforts do not run contrary to ethics rules.
Presidential Commissioner Georgios Iacovou and aide to Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, Ozdil Nami, met yesterday for 90 minutes after getting the green light from the two leaders to try and iron out the differences remaining between the two sides on that issue.
The charges against the aides were based on their possession of falsified certification documents, and in the case of many of the aides, their lies about the hours they worked.
I know there will continue to be interest in the state to allow certified medication aides in long-term healthcare settings.
Now, Pelosi and friends promise to lay siege to an out-of-control Congress, the braces are gone, and I'm being chased by a Senate aide.
The best job in the Air Force is the one you love doing, and Senior Airman Sarah Bensch loves her job as an enlisted aide.
Investigators say they found the aides preferred to stay on the company payroll.
Trained feeding assistants will free nurses and nurse aides to focus on residents' other health care needs.
Sorry Brenda, but it is not heaven because we do not all have full-time aides.
We found the answer in office aides -- students who could alleviate some of my time-consuming duties.
As the focal point of the 3-day Government Affairs Conference, the meetings on Capitol Hill with Congressmen and their aides provided attendees with an opportunity to share the metalcasting industry's side on the issues of ergonomics and silica.