AIDESEPAsociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana (Interethnic Peruvian Jungle Development Association; Peru)
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They do not consider community participation in the titling process for communal lands and extend their reach to establishing individual property titles that, according to AIDESEP, "come into conflict with communal titling."
(71) The Peruvian government's approach also went directly against AIDESEP's expressed concerns over the land and resources.
The blockade was part of an Amazonian indigenous mobilization coordinated by the Peruvian Rainforest Inter-Ethnic Development Association (AIDESEP, for its name in Spanish) to demand the repeal of nine legislative decrees that threatened Indian land rights and natural resources.
Desde dicho movimiento, se ha puesto en marcha el Programa de Formacion de Maestros Bilingues de la Amazonia Peruana --FORMABIAP-- coejecutado por AIDESEP y el Ministerio de Educacion a traves del Instituto Superior Pedagogico Publico Loreto ISPPL.
(4) An umbrella group of indigenous peoples of the rainforest, the Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Jungle (AIDESEP), complains that the government is quick to grant concessions to oil and logging companies, but very slow to settle indigenous property claims and titles.
Shortly after the vote, PeruAAEs largest indigenous umbrella group, known by its Spanish initials AIDESEP, called for all roadblocks to end.