AIDFAssociation Ivoirienne pour la Défense des Droits des Femmes (French)
AIDFAsian Industrial Development Fund
AIDFAgent Identification Facility
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The diverse agenda for the AIDF Water Security Summit: Asia 2014 was developed with key organisations, such as UNEP, ADB, Thai Red Cross, CIPS, UN Habitat, World Bank, IOM, FAO, UNESCO and regional governments.
Sponsors for AIDF 2012 are Global Fleet Sales, a division of the RMA Group; Ford motor company; Key Travel, who cater specifically to the NGO and not-for-profit sector; and satellite imaging company DigitalGlobe.
So one can understand the fight against excision engaged in by women, NGOs (like ENDA-Tiers Monde in Senegal, AIDF in Cote d'Ivoire), and by certain governments (like that of Burkina Faso) against excision.
DHL sees partnership building as a critical component of effective and efficient logistics delivery in the humanitarian sector and AIDF offers the opportunity to introduce potential new partners to our Aid & Relief Services as well as strengthen existing relationships.