AIDGAppropriate Infrastructure Development Group (Boston, MA)
AIDGArchitectural Innovations Design Group (Columbus, GA)
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According to AIDG, a family-sized biodigester will produce enough methane to provide about four hours of cooking or water heating.
The AIDG, the unit principally tasked to carry out the brutal war on drugs code-named Oplan Tokhang, was dissolved.
Dela Rosa said Ferro was only relieved because of command responsibility, noting that the official was even instrumental in the resolution of the case when he turned over other AIDG personnel involved in the incident.
This time, Ferro said he will be more careful, particularly in applying the learnings when he was still the AIDG chief.
The incident led to the eventual abolition of the AIDG in February this year.
The incident led to the PNP being kicked out of the anti-drugs war and the AIDG being abolished in February this year.
Escueta explained that the AIDG is mandated to conduct all-out and sustained operations against drug syndicates and personalities in support of the programs and thrusts of the PDEA.
Later on, Acierto was appointed to the high-ranking position at the AIDG, which was disbanded in January in the aftermath of the killing of South Korean national Jee Ick-joo at Camp Crame.
The DEG replaced the AIDG after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the latter dismantled after some of its members got involved in Jee's killing inside the PNP headquarters at Camp Crame.
The CITF is now occupying the former headquarters of the AIDG in Crame.
An officer who had served with the AIDG, which was ordered disbanded by President Duterte in the wake of Jee's murder inside Camp Crame, said the Korean mafia had really intended to kill Jee.
The officer was assigned to the PNP Intelligence Group (PNP-IG) before he was moved to the AIDG.