AIDHArtificial Insemination Donor Husband
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For the 45 IDH, 19 AIDH and 30 DCIS patients, 2-3 micron sections were prepared from the paraffin blocks and stained with hematoxylin eosin.
The median (range) age of the 19 AIDH patients were 46.9 (32-69).
Intraductal epithelial proliferations are considered in three categories: IDH, AIDH and DCIS.
Gulf bank Abu Dhabi Investment House (AIDH) is planning a USD1.5bn private equity fund to invest in real estate and manufacturing in China with a Chinese partner, Reuters has reported citing a senior executive of the bank.
Mr.oGtburo walaa uaoliboc compouer af experimental vocar, ehamaer aidh insEDumental wodks.
Ach bho choinn goirid tha mi faireachdainn - cha chuirinn nas treasa na sin e - gur e guthan fireann a-mhain a tha mi a' cluinntinn anns a' mhadainn (aidh, an guth agam fhinam measg).
"After the news of killings and kidnappings circulated due to security instability after 2011, foreigners were afraid to explore Old Sana'a for fear of being harmed." Al-Masrafi's paintings of cobbled streets, old Sana'ani houses and traditional Yemeni clothing and food were popular with visitors because, he said, "They were captivated by my style and the content of my paintings." According to Aidh Al-Adhi, the administrator at the Ministry of Culture responsible for overseeing the Art House, 80 percent of visitors prior to 2011 were from abroad.
Shaikh Aidh Al Qurni, another scholar, stressed the need for young Muslims to "shield themselves from extremist and fanatical ideas".
Aidh Al-Qarni, a well-known Saudi preacher and writer, wrote that he visited Hadramout to look for the secret behind the success of the businessmen of Do'an.